Why Your Business Needs Pinterest in 2015 to Success

Why Your Business Needs Pinterest in 2015

Pinterest in 2015Pinterest is a popular social media site that is more about images than content. The site is not only free to use, but also a top-notch digital marketing tool. Here’s how you can use Pinterest to increase your business’ success in 2015:

1. Create a Pinterest Account

Using Pinterest for a company is a bit different than when using it for personal use; namely, you have to create a business account. This account should display your company information, including products, the corporate mandate, and special offers. Logos, borders, and banners should also be used to further define your business. You will also need to link your account back to your web site and your accounts on other social media sites in order to further push your Pinterest posts, called “pins.”

2. Create Your Initial Pinboards

Once you’ve amassed a collection of quality images and graphics, you need to sort them into specific groups. Each group will then go on its own Pinterest wall, or “pinboard.” These pinboards can be used to showcase your best products, themed towards holidays and events, and designed to showcase your company’s accomplishments.

3. Strengthen Your Brand

A strong collection of pinboards can build up your brand as an authority in your field. How do you do this? One way is to put up insider news and information that benefits viewers; this could include videos and infographics that showcase stats related to your industry. Another way to build up your brand on Pinterest is to showcase your company-specific and/or custom products. All this brand building creates trust with your audience and presents a professional image not possible on other social media.

4. Expand Your Reach

It’s important to go beyond just building and maintaining your brand on your own pinboards. You also have to expand your brand across other boards and forums; this is achieved by joining popular group boards, starting with those in similar fields and later spreading out to those slightly outside your industry. Being part of group boards gives your brand greater exposure, further spreading its reach.

5. Drive Heavy Traffic

Instead of using optimized content like SEO, Pinterest drives traffic to your business using quality visuals that are “pinned” by you and later others. A well-made image doesn’t require studio photography or the like; even photos taken with a mobile device will do, provided they show your products in use and include a brief explanation. Your visuals, regardless of how they’re designed, should be simple and attractive in order to help drive more traffic to your boards and, subsequently, your site.

6. Do Market Research

It’s important to pay attention when working with Pinterest. New developments are happening all the time, often thanks to the insight provided by others participating on the site. By paying attention, you will learn about the interests of your followers through the other boards they follow and images they re-pin. From there, you can begin to add photos of products or services that will appeal to them based on those interests.

7. Be “Pinteresting”

While what you put on Pinterest has to be interesting, it can also be simple. The visual content you post on Pinterest doesn’t have to just be about your products or services; for example, if you sell tools, they can feature items that were made using them. You can also show pictures of clients using your products and the satisfaction they got from them.

8. Finding and Following Users

It’s best to participate on Pinterest as actively as possible. Following other people, liking or commenting on pins, and re-pinning photos you like helps you keep involved in the site. And since people will want to do the same with you, you can incorporate notifications and updates via e-mail. Showing this much interest can actually be quite lucrative.

According to statistics, Pinterest has 12 million unique visitors every month. With that kind of exposure, it’s practically necessary for your business to have a presence on Pinterest. Work to display the best image of your company, one board at a time.