Five Pinterest Tips for Online Marketing

“Pin It:” Five Tips to Boost Your Marketing Campaign with Pinterest

Pinterest Tips for Online MarketingEven if you don’t use Pinterest, you likely have some idea about what it is. Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is one of the more popular social media web sites based around sharing images. If you’ve been considering using Pinterest as part of your business’ social media marketing strategy, now is the time to start. You’ll likely find it can be highly beneficial.

However, if you’re going to incorporate Pinterest into your business, it’s good to know some basic tips for using it more effectively. Here are five to get you started:

1.  Organize Your Boards

Pinterest features a “board,” which is similar to the “wall” used on other social media web sites. Each board you create serves as a place to post photos and images, usually of a similar theme. It’s wise to make sure your boards are titled and organized; for example, you should create one specifically for clients, or maybe one for each week’s promotion. Visitors should be able to navigate through your boards to browse your products and services with ease.

2.  Update Your Pins

Once you’ve created your boards, you need to ensure you update your pins regularly. Pictures of any new product, service, or display should be posted right away; you’ll find the “pin creation” function at the top of the page, complete with a walkthrough of the process, a visual display of your pin before it’s posted, the URL to link back to it on the company web site, and an information section where you can add keywords for the sake of social media optimization.

3.  Cross Over

Pinterest also has settings that allow you to post Pinterest content on other social media web sites. Make sure you use this feature so that every time you put up a new pin, you can showcase it across all the sites you use as part of your social media campaign.

4.  Maintain Feeds

Like with blogs, it’s up to you to keep your social media campaign on Pinterest up-to-date. Besides the aforementioned regular updates, the RSS feed should remain on so customers can receive updates and have a reason to revisit your material.

5.  Use the App

If you can use the Pinterest app for displaying your content on mobile devices, make sure to do so. There’s no reason not to; it’s another handy tool for customers to get updates from your feeds, view your pins, and stay in the loop regarding your business. A quick new pin update can easily lead to a big sale.

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