Avoiding the Bad Paths of Social Media Marketing

Avoiding the Negative Paths of Social Media Marketing

Negative Paths of Social Media Marketing Whether we want to believe it or not, there is always the danger of temptation in life. If know the Bible, you know that Adam and Eve had to deal with it. Likely your parents warned you of it, too. Drugs, booze, gambling, partying, tobacco, crazy friends, bad diets…the list goes on and on. As we live and breathe, temptation to do things that could adversely affect us is everywhere. The older we get, the more we have to learn how to control temptation so it doesn’t control us.

In online business, there aren’t a lot of terrible temptations out there. Online business tends to be along the lines of traditional buying and selling, without a lot of other temptations that other businesses experience. However, if you get involved in social media marketing, you might notice some temptations cropping up that can be lethal to your business. If you are going to engage in social media as a marketing tool, you should be aware of these temptations so you can control or even avoid them.

Although the tag says “social media,” if you use it as a business pro, it immediately morphs into “business media.” Like it or not, it’s the truth. Too often people get accounts on social media web sites for their businesses and use them like they would for personal use. Often, this results in less-than-flattering photography winding up online and even some rather risqué comments that could make a locker room full of rough-and-tough sports types blush.

As comical as this sounds, don’t let it happen to you. Your social media web site, your social media blog, and all your social media content are offshoots of your business. Read: it has to be professional at all times. Some comic adages and even the odd Calvin and Hobbes-style cartoons are great, but don’t go further than that. You can really shoot yourself in the professional foot by posting locker-room talk on your social media web site, allowing your business to look crude to others. In the end, keep it clean.

When it comes to online business, the social media platform is not a political one. We all have different and often mixed ideologies, and consequently, we like to expound on them. With friends and family, fine. But when it comes into business, the business comes across as a know-it-all and more than a little arrogant. Moreover, it’s a bad business move. People don’t turn to your business to get schooled in civics, history, and philosophy. That’s the university’s or library’s job. People want good products and good product information. Period. Keep that as your super-objective, and keep working on delivering the best business services you can. That’s what people want more than anything.

It’s odd—there are people who are actually aware of their rather forceful personalities; they love to talk about partying antics or political ideas, but they have alienated more than a few people over the years with their behavior. They often get some sort of social media services in to help them with their social media marketing plans—social media postings, social media optimization, etc. It helps them resist the temptation to mix their personal lives in with their professional lives. When you think about this, it isn’t a bad plan. Being strong-willed or of a certain character is fine, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your business. If you think you need to use a social media service, do it. You can make great connections, wind up with strong business results, and avoid certain blunders as well.

A lot of critics of today’s media have labeled social media as the devil du jour for showing the perception of low social values in society. They think we’d be better off without it. But social media is not an organism, and it is how people handle it that makes it bad. If you tackle it with a professional attitude and resist the temptation to go down the wrong paths, you can keep your social media marketing angelically successful.

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