Applying Yourself Socially—Taking Advantage of All Social Media Marketing Sources Possible

Applying Yourself Socially—Taking Advantage of All Social Media Marketing Sources Possible

Taking Advantage of All Social Media MarketingLost in the Numbers

Today’s world is an easy one to get lost in. Sometimes getting lost is a good thing, especially if you’re getting lost in deciding what cool, new tech toy to treat yourself to. Sometimes getting lost is a bad thing, like around the annual tax time when you’re trying to figure out how to complete a return that will ensure maximum return potential—that’s a labyrinth. The human world is often complex and daunting, with no built-in compass to direct you toward the correct path.

When it comes to doing online business, however, getting lost in the numbers can actually mean something positive. By taking the time to dive in, discover, and learn all of the digital mediums available, you can expose yourself to new business vehicles that you never knew existed. And, by getting lost in these numbers, you can find yourself emerging out onto a great, new, and highly profitable business route.

Case-in-point: social media. There are many social media web sites out there, and a lot of business pros turn away from them, either due to the time it could take to register and effectively work with them, or their dismissal of these sites as being simple teenager-gossip sites. But unlocking the door to social media and examining these sites in depth will likely mean finding many business outlets that you have never considered before. They can be fun to use, too, thus giving you a creative, more personal arena to work from.

What’s out There

Combing through all the social media web sites out there means taking note of each one and how to best function within each site’s walls. The sites are similar but not the same. There are ones for more professional interaction and ones for more fun, informal communication.

Going through each of the social media web sites also means noting what they offer. Be sure to pay attention to which sites offer a social media blog to which you can post business updates, promotions, and big, advertising-like announcements in which you want the public to take interest. As a side note here, look for the same thing in online social media magazines or related online trade publications that allow professionals to post content, leave their links, and communicate with clients or other pros. You never know who will pick up on your material.

Another quick side note: pay close attention to your content. Thanks to recent developments, social media optimization has become a real mechanism for business pros to use, since social media sites now have analytics to see what traffic is coming to businesses’ social media pages. Whatever the ways are that you can optimize your social media content—keywords, etc.—you should take advantage of them. After some time, you can measure your success with hard numbers and then make the necessary improvements based on those numbers.

More Socially Adept

Applying yourself and your business to social media requires a long-term commitment to using social media to its maximum potential for as long as possible. This sounds cumbersome, and it is admittedly a locked-down contract. But there are some helpful loopholes here, too.

Regular updates to your social media sites should be done, but they should include fun, interactive content that communicates personably with your clients. You don’t have to be too formal in an update—just give clients a heads-up on a regular basis about what’s going on with your business. As well, consider developing a social media widget that clients can put on their phone or in their browser so that they’ll be linked to your web site to access and receive information. In any case, applying yourself to social media means creating new business streams for your business and enjoying an aspect of digital business that is both professional and fun.

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