Content Architecture and its Necessity in Online Business

Why Content Architecture Is Essential in Online Business

Why Content Architecture Is Essential in Online BusinessThe Web of Complexity

If you’re a literature or mythology buff, you know about labyrinths. Places where people get lost in their quests to find truths, and often get confronted with horrible consequences at the turn of a wrong corner. More often than not, some hero prevails, and the labyrinth disappears as a challenge in an adventurer’s path.

There’s a good chance that you are something of an adventurer and maybe even an eventual hero. And, what’s your labyrinth? The Internet.

Labeling the World Wide Web as a complex route of potentially fatal turns isn’t fun, but it’s a fair analogy. While its proponents often label the Internet as a wonderful new field of creativity and possibility, it has become somewhat complex and difficult to utilize for a lot of its users. What is worse is that it’s getting even more so. Now that the Web has been accessed and used by so many globally, its web of complexity has never been so great.

Your Compass and Survival Kit

Even though the Web is getting more complex, you don’t have to abandon it as a business venture medium. You just need to have a compass to navigate it, and a corresponding survival kit to fix problems as they happen. This is why you have to learn to use content architecture.

If you are familiar with online publishing or digital libraries today, you will have a good grasp of content architecture. This is the schema that you use when you start building up content pages and sites for your business online. When you start organizing or re-organizing your online content, it’s good to create your own content architecture schema as well. You have to start with the Meta tags and data, making sure they are corrected and incorporated into your written content so that your pages look great online. You should keep these published pages saved on your hard drive as well, in case of a fatal crash error. Once you get your pages published online, you can examine the data, and see if everything is being produced the way you think it should be. Be sure that the content looks great, and that the keyword density within the content is proper. Again, it’s always good to save this stuff so you have it safe and can tweak it later to update it, make it better, etc.

Way Out There

The real content architecture organization will likely come for you once you start your interlinking with other sites and pages, both within your own content and with others. It is absolutely vital that you keep a record of what other pages you are linked to, and that the linking Meta tags always function correctly. If they don’t, you can just refer to your architecture record to locate faulty links and fix them.

Once you start doing interlinking to the point of on-page techniques—linking to your own company pages—and off-page techniques—linking to other peer sites—you should always keep a record of these links, and graphically diagram your links so that you can see your whole online network up close. Not only does this keep your online business from getting too messy and complex, but you can also see how far out into the Net you are working, and which areas are working the best. Content architecture not only keeps things neat and tidy, but it also shows where the best business results lie.

Getting organized in any business is not usually fun, and takes a few weekend hours to create. But like any organized system, you will finally have your business mustered so that it is working as efficiently as it can. With content architecture, you can avoid the dark labyrinths of the Web, and stay organized all the time.

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