Top Tips for Improving SEO from the Experts

Top Tips for Improving SEO from the Experts

SEO Secrets to SuccessSEO now has made the transition from keyword stuffing to achieve a high rank in search results to now encompassing a more total user experience in order to be recognized by Google and other search engines. Though keeping up with Google algorithms is a task in itself, the general premise is that providing users with an engaging, well-designed, content-filled site will result in positive rankings.

But it must be said there are other factors that go into being the top search result that must be considered. Exactly what those factors are and how they are to be utilized is the subject matter of this article.

Keywords Are Still Key

Despite keywords evolving to be part of what makes for good SEO as opposed to the only focus, it’s still crucial to implement relevant keywords if you hope to drive any quality traffic to your site, with an emphasis on “quality.” The mistake some marketers make is not thinking narrow enough when it comes to implementing keywords to help customers find their business. Using “web designer in Ontario” is great, but may not produce the quality of leads as if you focused the keywords to something like “backend web designer in Toronto.” Narrowing the keywords may cut down on the total results, but it generally improves the quality of the leads.

Design and Content Go Hand-In-Hand

Your web site is where it all starts and ends. Having a poorly designed site not only discourages visitors from ever coming back, but it also turns off Google from giving you a high ranking when it crawls your pages. And while visual appeal is the first impression, you need to ensure the content on your site is fresh, relevant, and posted consistently. You also should make sure that all links are working correctly and that you’ve edited the content thoroughly.

Remember Real People Visit Your Site–Focus on Them More than Algorithms

This sometimes gets lost in all the numbers and chaos of the chase to be at the top of search engines. When structuring your web site for optimization, think about what your users want and expect when they browse through your pages. Are you providing them with the information they need through appealing content? Is your site simple to navigate and can they seamlessly accomplish every action they intend to perform without confusion? Are your keywords in the titles of the pages and spread through the body of your content? Go through all the little details that make for a fulfilling user experience and check those off the boxes one by one.

Get Social

You can’t ever forget that we live in a social era where liking, commenting, and sharing content is part of how this generation interacts. You have to make it easy to accumulate this attention by first creating engaging content worthy of being reposted, then configuring your site so that one click can make liking or sharing possible. That means your social media accounts must also be current if you hope to continue the interaction with users through those mediums. Also, remember that Google does consider sharing in its ranking system, so don’t take this lightly. Social media is a platform to literally communicate your message to the world, use it to your advantage as much as possible.

Relax, Numero Uno Can Help

The thought of optimizing a web site can be overwhelming, but take a deep breath and relax, because there’s help. Numero Uno Web Solutions routinely improves businesses’ SEO and can do the same for your organization. Let us use our team of web designers, writers, and marketing experts to help build your online presence and take your brand to the next level.