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Top Ranking Factors That Make a Big Difference in 2018

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Every year, the essential Google ranking factors are updated according to the current requirements that are set forth by some of the most influential businesses. One of the most important things you should be striving for when it comes to improving your online presence and reach is making it easier for your customers to find your web site by giving them exactly what they want. Optimizing your web site based on industry-specific search terms, phrases, and other factors is the key to attracting larger amounts of traffic to your online store.

Here is a list of the most influential search engine optimization ranking factors that can make a big difference for your online marketing strategy.

Create and Update High-Quality Content

When it comes to content creation and cultivation, quantity should never negate quality. In fact, they both hold the same level of importance in the online world. The type of content you produce matters, but so does that way you market that content. You need to constantly and consistently find innovative ways of attracting the right kind of traffic to your web site through ground-breaking blog posts, images, videos, service pages, and other types of content.

Everything you post on your web site should be well thought out and strategically planned ahead of time. When you use high-quality content for your web site, there’s a higher chance that online users will respond positively to it and this will help increase your click-through rates.

Mobile-Friendly Web Site

Nowadays, if you haven’t already updated your web site to be mobile-friendly, then your online marketing strategy is most likely completely outdated and is in major need of revamping. In fact, you may be missing out on a golden online marketing opportunity since the majority of your online readers will be viewing your web site from a mobile device.

People want to be able to find businesses, products, and services instantaneously from their mobile devices. From helpful location services to voice search and other innovative technological advancements, mobile searches are consistently on the rise and any business that incorporates this feature for their web site will benefit immensely.

Fast Web Site Loading Times

Another absolutely crucial aspect of web site modulation is sustaining a fast loading time for your web site. On average, if your web site takes longer than approximately four seconds to load, you’ll most likely lose prospective customers. In this fast-paced world, the last thing people want to do is sit around and wait for your web site to load, especially if they happen to be located in an area with high speed Internet. It’s been proven that the longer people have to wait for a web site to load on their mobile phones, the less likely they are to purchase items or support that brand.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is becoming increasingly widely used amongst mobile users who are simply looking for quick and convenient answers to their mobile search queries. An increasing number of mobile devices are incorporating voice search features in their technological repertoires because so many people these days conduct their online searches while they’re out and about. With that in mind, voice search optimization entails creating content that directly reflects the speaking patterns of both your target demographics and the general public. Using conversational and industry-specific keywords and key phrases is essential to boosting your search engine rankings.

Secure Web Site (HTTPS)

In this day and age, it’s easier than ever for companies to guarantee the security of their web sites, especially in light of the fact that making online purchases involves inputting sensitive information such as credit card numbers, addresses, names, and other data. Hackers are always standing by waiting for customers to input their personal data so that they can try to intercept your security database and steal that information. For this reason, many customers are still extremely hesitant to make online purchases and that’s why as a business owner, you need to take every step imaginable to guarantee the safety of your customers’ sensitive information. When making online purchases, customers need to be reassured that your company is reputable and reliable and the best way to do this is by using an impenetrable web site security system.

Exceptional User Interface and User Experience

While you certainly want to make sure you’re using the most technologically advanced user interfaces and designs on your web site, you also need to make your web site as user friendly as possible across all platforms including mobile devices, tablets, laptops and any other gadgets that are released. On top of that, you need to constantly update your web site and perform regular audits to keep it as current as possible. This will infinitely help to improve your web site’s overall user experiences and make it easier for them to navigate your web site.

Schema Markups and Meta Data

The purpose of schema markups is essentially to help search engines like Google to accurately identify the content on your web site and showcase it to users on their results pages. Search engines needs to be given exact instructions when it comes to locating certain types of content, but in order for this schematic to work properly, that information needs to be made available first in the form of quality content. Images, blog posts, videos, vlogs and other types of content need to all be correctly coded so that search engines can read and identify them when they’re requested by end users.

Local Listings and Citation Building

It’s unquestionably crucial that your business’s local listing across all search engine platforms should be completely up to date. When potential customers are searching for your business, products, or services, they want to make sure that they’ve found the right brand or company. Whether they’re looking for contact information, hours of operation, directions to find your physical location, all of this information should be readily available right at their fingertips and you have the power to control what’s presented to them and make sure it’s completely correct.
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