The “Other Guy” in SEO: A Contributor, Your Business, and Better Results

The “Other Guy” in SEO: A Contributor, Your Business, and Better Results

The Beginnings of Crossover Success

Sometimes, you have to switch things up, mix-and-match, and create new partnerships. You have to do crossovers of talents to attain greatness. It’s the way you fight battles and find success.

Does the above sound like a comic book tagline? Well, that’s not a bad reference to have. Ask any comic book lover about the time that Spider-Man and Daredevil, two different characters from two different titles, had to collaboratively fight the Kingpin, and you will see their eyes light up…and your next 10 minutes will be completely occupied with detailed stories of the battle. Or, get a major league baseball fan talking about a game he saw in spring training, where he saw opposing league teams playing, and you will see similar results. When the usual oppositions are changed up a bit, and new influences are added to an existing entity, new ideas flow out, and often, with great results.

This applies a lot in business, especially online search engine optimization (SEO) and traffic generation. Sometimes, you have to mix up your business, and add a new ingredient to it if you want to give it a big boost of new traffic generation potential. Here, you don’t need something so grand as big sports events or comic book team-ups. You just need to get another guy.

The “other guy” is another collaborator; a working pro just like yourself, contributing to your business. This is sort of adding/mixing together of talent, part of some great SEO techniques that not only create great crossover success, but build great partnerships, too.

Adding Talent as a Digital Business Technique

If you’ve been in business a while, you know the value of having a partner to work with. You help them with their needs, they help you, and you both split the success when it comes. It’s fun, exciting, and enjoyable, once you attain your goals. But, in digital business and SEO, there is a certain technique that goes along with the aforementioned, too.

When you form a partnership in digital business, you should both go through your web material and see what you can exchange. This will likely manifest itself in interlinking and creating a link-building scheme between your web page(s) and theirs. You’ve probably seen this with other business pages where you click on a link and are taken to a partnered page. This is a popular SEO technique, and the goal behind it is simple: to build a pathway for more client traffic between the two parties. The customers who come to your page can also check out your partner, and vice versa. It’s a nice exchange, and once you get the contract sorted out regarding how to split up the results that come in, you have created a partnership pathway in the digital realm.

Housekeeping for You and the Other Guy

Obviously, with all of this linking going on, there may be some things that go haywire down the line, such as dead links, re-routes to wrong pages, and misdirected client queries. Again, you have to sit down with your partner, and come up with a maintenance method of checking your meta data to make sure that your on-page techniques are working correctly, and that the off-page techniques of the linking between both partners are working equally well. It can be a pain, but it’s worth going over beforehand, so address these issues with your partner well in advance.

Your partnership can be fun, too. You can contribute content to their site, or they an article or report to yours. You can both watch the analytics to see where you are doing well, and where you can make improvements. Most importantly, you can forge a partnership that will bring you both rewards you never thought possible before. When it comes to SEO and partnership client generation, this can be the most fun and lucrative venture you take on in online business.

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