The Fine Art of Tech Gear Selection for Online Business Pros

The Fine Art of Tech Gear Selection for Online Business Pros

Online Business ProsDo you have any stoic friends? Or are you stoic yourself?

Stoic people are the most hardcore people you can ever meet. Like the Greeks, from whom the word is derived, these folks eschew extreme feelings and materialism for strong rationality. You might have heard them say something like, “Fine French food?! Nonsense. I only need a banana and glass of water to survive,” or “Give me a ukulele with two knotted strings on it, and I can play any Django Reinhardt solo you want.” These people, however realistic or genuine, seek to find the best things in life through minimum outside influences. Their sense of meaning and worth comes from themselves and how much effort they put forward.

There’s nothing wrong with this, and when some people get too decadent or materialistic, stoicism is actually a positive quality to have. It brings out people’s best talents. But there is the matter of what is essential in life, and what products are essential to help make life easier for us. We all have to decide what we need to get our jobs done.

For online marketers, this is often important when searching out the technological gear you need to make your jobs easier. Be it your cell phone, tablet, or laptop, you have to find the gear best-suited to you and your needs. There is always debate, especially with brand names like Apple or Dell, about which technology to use. And for some, it’s an impossible question to answer. Some stick to one brand, while others don’t mind mixing it up.

Actually, there are no hard and fast rules. When it comes to technology and digital business gear, only you can find the answers of what works best for you. But here you should do some searching and test out which ones work best. Doing this helps you decide what gear is necessary and how much you have to shell out.

You should see which tech gear works best for your online material. When you go shopping, see what equipment can access the Internet quickly, which ones allow you easy interlinking, and easy meta-tag and link-building functions. Moreover, see which ones are the most resistant to viruses and other problems. All tech companies promise the sun and the moon in terms of functions and services, but be sure to see if each one lives up to this claim, and if they can help make your business easier if you were to use them.

NOTE: When you go shopping around for gear, test out the functions right in the store or get the sales person to test it for you. Something as basic as whatever new Internet interface is being used is worth seeing right off the bat. Some companies have complained that when they do off-page techniques like interlinking, and on-page techniques, such as home page navigation, or creating newsfeeds or subscription pop-ups, they notice that one works better than the other when using a particular Internet interface. Or one software provider works better than another for the same functions. Seeing this up close before you go to swipe your credit card will save you money and let you know what options from retailers are open to you.

On that note, you should be testing your existing gear. Running a routine combination of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), social media optimization (SMO) and pay-per-click (PPC) functions allows you to see how efficient your gear is working and if there are any changes to be made. You may have to upgrade to a faster server for your Internet or upgrade your web page-editing system with a faster mark-up to create online content on the fly and to publish material faster. Again, these routine checks will let you know what improvements need to be made to your gear.

We all like to be stoic, work hard with our brains and hands, and not have to spend money on equipment we simply don’t need. But if we are going to live by this credo, we have to do the necessary homework to see how good the gear we have is and if going more high-tech is necessary. Doing so will save money in the long run and keep our businesses strong over time.

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