4 Spring Cleaning Steps for Your Web Site

4 Steps to Spring Clean Your Web Site

spring clean websiteNow that the snow has melted and the flowers are in bloom, it’s the perfect time for business owners to conduct some “spring cleaning” by reinventing their online business practices. Through optimizing your online presence to ensure it is mobile- and user-friendly, namely by restructuring your web site, it is possible to generate better conversion rates and improve client satisfaction. Here are some digital spring-cleaning resolutions you should make to increase your business presence online:

1. Make It Mobile-Friendly

With 80% of Internet users owning a smartphone and 47% a tablet, there’s no denying that mobile devices are here to stay. According to a recent study by comScore, mobile web and app usage accounts for 60% of time spent consuming digital media, while desktop-based consumption makes up 40%. As a business owner, it is imperative your web site is mobile-responsive; if it isn’t, then your first “spring cleaning” resolution is to get yourself a mobile data conversion tool to make your site easy for people to access on-the-go.

2. Web Site Improvement

There are a number of web site improvements you can make as part of your digital spring cleaning, but here are some you should specifically focus on:

  • Landing Page Improvements

Your landing page is your first impression, and you want to make it a good one. If you want to “clean” it up a bit, make sure your content is up-to-date, add new and more contemporary images, and remove any extraneous links that might impede your traffic flow.

  • Update “Call-to-Action” Buttons

Call-to-action buttons are strategically placed and appear as your landing page content is being loaded. If, for example, you have a new newsletter you want visitors to sign up for, update your call-to-action buttons to reflect this. Make sure they are visually appealing by swapping in new pictures and marketing text.

  • Clean Up the Sidebars

If your sidebars are filled with graphics and/or links that you’ve accumulated over time, this could actually impede your traffic and conversion rates. Take some time to clean this up by removing graphics and links that you don’t need.

3. Update Content

As spring is the start of a new season, and with it new beginnings, your content should reflect this. Nothing is a bigger turnoff than out-of-date, irrelevant content. Your content is one of the main areas you can show creativity while making serious improvements to your web site:

  • Freshen Up Content

As the seasons change, so does the effectiveness of your past content. Make sure your content is up-to-date. Rewrite your content as necessary and make it relevant to whatever new products or promotions you’re offering.

  • Update Images

Update your photos; stale, out-of-season images are a surefire way to drive people away from your web site. Use relevant, professional photos, add great descriptions, and make sure to include alt tags to optimize your images for SEO purposes.

  • Optimize for SEO

Re-optimize your content for both desktop and mobile browsing. Make sure your keywords can be found in your headlines, content, and meta descriptions and be sure to fix broken links, as they can hinder your SEO.

4. Social Media

If you aren’t frequently updating your social media accounts, now is the perfect time to generate a new social media plan.

  • Why and How Social Media Is Important

Social media is one of the most powerful—and free—ways for you to increase your brand awareness. Once you have created your social media profile(s), make sure to link them together so they can be updated simultaneously. People in your network will see your feeds and become actively engaged in what you’re doing by liking, commenting, and sharing your content with the world.

  • Update Social Profiles

Update your social media accounts with fresh content, photos, and links. Whenever you create new web site postings or pages, don’t forget to include your social media sharing buttons alongside your content; if visitors enjoy your site material, they will join your social media networks and automatically receive updates from you regularly.

Just as spring cleaning can do wonders for your home, digital spring cleaning can be beneficial to kick-start or increase your business presence online. And if you lay claim to the resolutions above, you will provide your customers with an optimal, clutter-free experience when they visit your web site.