SEO vs. PPC: Which is Best for Your Business?

SEO vs. PPC: Which is Best for Your Business?

SEO vs PPCBoth search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can prove challenging, and it can be even tougher to decide which one you should focus your efforts on to promote your business. Both are similar in the way they function, but are unique in how they provide results.

The big question, however, is which one is better. The answer, however, is a bit subjective and requires analysis.

The Breakdown

SEO is all about optimizing your content to generate client traffic through organic searches. You optimize the content of your web site with the right keywords and content so that it’s more likely to be discovered by people putting those keywords into Google, Yahoo!, and other search engines.

PPC is all about using a generated advertising program that uses targeted keywords, such as Google AdWords. You pay for the clicks that you get on your ads and everyone using PPC competes for advertising space.

Pros and Cons

If you’ve tried both, you’ve likely discovered the great things about both PPC and SEO, as well as the bad.

SEO doesn’t have the high click fees associated with PPC.  Rather, SEO is all organic and about constantly reworking your content. But that’s where the challenge lies, as SEO is tough to generate results from. It can take many attempts before your site and its content are properly optimized and receive a high Google ranking, which sees your page place closer to the top of search results.

PPC is great because it’s fast and creates widespread publicity for your company. That’s because Google AdWords has the ability to push ads, as well as its connection with Google Analytics, which lets users observe how their ads are performing.

But PPC can also be difficult, as you need to use the right keywords and A/B test a lot of ads to determine which are generating traffic. There’s also the issue of cost, because while you’ll get the exposure you want, all the clicks on your ads will run up a high bill; many users have noted that they’ve paid as high as $50.00–$100.00 per day on clicks alone.

Keep in mind that since there is so much work involved with PPC, many companies outsource it to a third party that can manage all their PPC operations for them.

In the End

Budget and time dictate a lot of what your business accomplishes. While PPC does get you targeted traffic and new clients, it can be difficult to manage, costly, and, as mentioned, might require a third party.

When all is said and done, most professionals recommend that PPC is good for startups and new companies. But because the costs can run pretty high over time, it’s wise to taper it off once you have an established client base. From there, it’s best to focus on SEO.