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SEO Tips for 2022: The Importance of SEO for Post-COVID-19

The Importance of SEO for Post-COVID-19

SEO is a constantly moving target with a lot of moving parts. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that it’s that the only way to maintain a strong digital marketing momentum is to continuously change your strategies to accommodate current trends.

Generating flexible and adaptable SEO strategies is more important than ever.

Your brick-and-mortar business may have slowed down, but that doesn’t mean your online presence also has to suffer because of it. The digital marketing landscape will continue to evolve tremendously in the coming years. To help you prepare for future transformations, here are some important SEO tips for 2022.

How SEO Can Help Your Business’s Post-COVID-19 Marketing Recovery Process

For many small businesses, COVID-19 has only served to underscore the importance of SEO in the modern age. The competition to acquire new customers is becoming increasingly fierce as more businesses are forced to completely revamp SEO strategies and go into recovery mode. Here’s how good SEO in Toronto can boost your digital marketing prowess.


Maintaining brand consistency across all online platforms such as your website, social media, and business listings is crucial. Your online brand identity represents who you are, what you do, and how to reach you. A solid SEO strategy ensures that all of your company information is consistent across all platforms to eliminate confusion and frustration from customers.

Update Content

Online information moves at the speed of light, so it’s crucial to provide business and brand-related updates as quickly as possible so that people always know what to expect.

Improve Local SEO

Considering there’s such a big emphasis on supporting local small businesses right now, working on your local SEO strategy can help put you on the map. Local SEO ensures that your business will be one of the top search results whenever anyone performs a search query that’s related to your business or brand.

Define and Balance Your Short- and Long-Term Goals

Short-term goals are easily achievable objectives that you can work on in the present to expand your business while long-term goals focus more on the bigger picture. The growth trajectory of your business depends on what you can do in the present to facilitate future success.

Improve Voice Search Queries

Voice search queries have already experienced a considerable surge thanks to touchless smart devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo. Apps like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are also partly responsible for the projected increase in voice search optimization in the future.

Image and Video Optimization

Search engines don’t just scan the text content on your website when a search is performed; they also crawl through your images and videos in a matter of seconds to determine if they’re an appropriate match. Optimizing the image and video content on your website by adding the appropriate tags and a brief description boosts your rankings and online visibility.

Write Rich Featured Snippets

Users generally want quick, short, and sweet answers to their search queries rather than a long-winded answer. Featured snippets are short bits of content that Google selects from a larger whole in order to answer a specific query. They usually appear at the top of page one of SERPs and are only a few sentences long, but provide a direct answer to specific questions.

Professional SEO Services in Toronto and Concord

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