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SEO Strategies for Your Newly Launched Web Site


The best time to benefit from search engine optimization (SEO) is when you are launching a brand new web site. Thinking ahead about keyword strategies before creating a site can increase your chances of achieving terrific organic search results. Here is how to set up SEO strategies for your web site and how to optimize it so you can benefit from increased traffic.

How to Set Up SEO for a New Web Site

Getting a new site up and into the web of searches can seem like a daunting task, and not taking full advantage of SEO to optimize your web site can prevent your site from gaining attention. Thankfully, here are some SEO steps for your new site that are simple and easy to follow:

  1. Choose a domain name that is easy to spell, has branding potential, and includes keywords that can help you rank.
  2. Research the right keywords that reflect what your page is about, and what the main goal of your page is. This will help your audience discover you through searches for your products or services.
  3. Craft your web page content, blog posts, reports, brochures, FAQs, sales pages, videos, pictures, infographics, and more. Be sure anything you publish educates, attracts, and intrigues or delights your customers and readers.
  4. Optimize your code so search engines can also read your content. Take a look at your URL structure to be sure it is SEO-friendly, create unique meta title tags for each page, and a meta description tag to summarize the content. Don’t forget the importance of headings to break up the content, alt tags, and interlinks.
  5. Add Google Analytics, Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools to your web site. You should also install an SEO plugin such as Yoast to help you meet the recommended SEO criteria, and make use of the robots.txt file.
  6. Earn links by creating purposeful content, promoting your content so it reaches your targeted audience, and building relationships with influencers in order for them to value and share your content.
  7. Test your site before you launch! Is it user-friendly? Does it respond quickly? Does the mobile site look good?

6 Steps to Optimize Your New Web Site

Once your site is live and you have set up your SEO, there are some key areas to monitor to make sure your site remains optimized and is constantly bringing you customers. The following points will help you achieve maximum growth.

1. Keyword Research

Search optimization always begins with keyword research and analysis. If your keywords match the keywords users are searching for in various search engines, you can optimize your marketing strategy.

2. Analyze Competitors

Doing an SEO competitor analysis can help you figure out where your competition is thriving and how to adjust your marketing strategy to suit. That being said, you should be careful not to completely copy their work or strategy as you still want to remain original and unique.

3. Bring Uniqueness to Each Page

As you organize content, titles, pages, and photos to your web site, think of ways to make it look and sound unique to your brand. Everything on your page is considered a reflection of you and your business, so making it stand out from the competition will serve you well.

4. Make It Mobile- and User-Friendly

Making sure your mobile site is responsive and has speed optimization will benefit your user experience. Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) can help you achieve this goal. If your site’s navigation flows well, you will be closer to your goal conversion rate.

5. Get Other Sites to Link to You

Getting other web sites to backlink to pages on your site is a terrific way to get customers flocking to your web site. Good recommendations go a long way, especially from companies with a good reputation.

6. Make It Search Engine-Friendly

You can make your site search engine-friendly by creating XML sitemaps, and schema markups, which help search engines return better results for users.

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