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SEO Strategies for a Successful Website in 2020

SEO Strategies for a Successful Website in 2020

Every year presents new and exciting opportunities for businesses of all sizes to make massive website improvements by ramping up their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Most businesses make the mistake of focusing solely or predominantly on keyword integration and ignore other core components of a successful SEO strategy. While relevant and competitive keyword usage is certainly imperative when it comes to creating a concrete online marketing schema, it’s no longer the most important component. In fact, using the right keywords to boost SEO is just a small piece of a much larger proverbial puzzle.

There’s no time like the present to start working on your SEO strategy for 2020. Before you begin, however, you should know that there are three different types of SEO:

  • On-Page: Consists of content that appears on your website and can be viewed by visitors
  • Off-Page: Consists of backlinks that exist on other websites and link back to your home page or specific pages on your website
  • Technical: Consists of backend website building and maintenance including coding, links, and URLs that make it possible for search engines to efficiently and accurately crawl your website

Ready to get started? Here are some important tips to help you build, expand, and improve your SEO for 2020.

Perform a Website Audit

This is something you should be doing at least once a month or every couple of months to ensure that everything on your website is working properly and up to date. A complete website audit entails scouring through every inch of your site and looking for inaccurate or outdated information, broken links, and a host of other potential issues that could be hindering your SEO efforts. It gives you a distinct opportunity to thoroughly examine your website and test its mobile or user-friendliness, while also allowing you to correct any issues you may notice along the way.

This is important because if you’re noticing these issues, then chances are that your visitors are also experiencing them. Oftentimes, certain website issues like slow loading times or inaccessibility on certain devices is enough to frustrate visitors to the extent that they leave your website, which increases your bounce rates and leads them right into the arms of your competitors.

Another drawback is that website errors, broken links, inaccurate data, and unresponsive pages can make it harder for search engines to crawl your website and this will negatively impact your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. Stay ahead of the curve by performing regular website audits to clean up your site and make it easily accessible for search engines and visitors.

Perform Competitive Analyses and Reviews

As much as you need to focus on your own SEO strategy for the new year, you should also look at what your competitors have in store. This will help you gain a strong understanding of which trends are currently the most prominent in your industry. Track and analyze trends from the past as well to see how they’ve been holding up and if there’s anything missing from your SEO strategy that you should be incorporating.

Focus on organic content. Identify which pages on your competitors’ websites are helping them gain the most traction and then compose a similar, yet unique strategy to attract visitors to your website. Comparing content and keyword performance on your competitors’ sites with your own website can help you identify important areas that require improvement and help you comprise a workable content strategy for your website that’s guaranteed to attract more organic traffic.

Think about the Future of SEO and Content Development

It seems that SEO trends tend to move faster than the speed of light, which is why it’s challenging for a lot of SEO strategists to stay on top of what’s current. What’s even more difficult is predicting what will be trending or relevant in the future, especially since search engines like Google seem to be altering, updating, and completely revamping their search algorithms pretty much on a daily basis.
So what can you do to stay on top of the SEO trends? The answer is to simply create feasible content creation and development strategies that speak to your audience.

Continuously performing online market research is the key here. Think of keyword research as the modern day version of organizing test groups for products or services. Start by composing content ideas that pertain to your business specifically and your industry as a whole. The next step is to research short-tail keywords that are rendering high volume searches and build a list of long-tail keywords to complement them within your content.
This concept ties into the next two points about content creation and voice search optimization.

Content Planning and Creation

Great website content doesn’t just appear out of thin air. It takes thorough research and planning. Take the time to research what’s trending across your industry in your desired target locations. Then come up with a list of about 10 blog and social media ideas respectively to bring those ideas to fruition. Simply knowing what you want to communicate to your audience ahead of time, and then tweaking that content when necessary, can help you stay organized and track your progress over time.

If the content is good enough, you can always update it regularly when you audit your website.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly and Incorporate Voice Search Optimization

These two points go hand in hand. More users are performing mobile searches using voice operated assistants like Google Home, Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and so on. The list is endless and new artificially intelligent programs are constantly being released.

That means your website should be mobile-friendly and voice search optimized if it isn’t already. Keep in mind that people generally speak differently than they type, so you need to account for intonation, sentence formation, and grammar to properly optimize your website content.

Numero Uno Web Solutions can help you prepare and optimize your website SEO for 2020. We’ve worked with numerous businesses on an international level to help them build and maintain strong online presences that boost their ROI and brand awareness. Contact us today to learn about our services.

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