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Top 7 SEO Tips for E-Commerce Sites

seo for ecommerceSo what’s going on with SEO for e-commerce sites? A lot, actually. The good news is that continuing to do SEO work is still very beneficial to you and your company. But in order to succeed, you may need to update your e-commerce SEO practices.

SEO is still a cheap, effective way to maximize your presence online and drive traffic to your e-commerce site. Even better is that the adjustments you can make to it now are mostly budget-friendly.

Improving your business and its web site doesn’t end with simply saving a couple dollars on building your online presence, though; there’s much more to it than that. For your e-commerce site to see improved SEO activity, here are seven tips from the SEO experts:

1. Research the Most Effective Keywords

This piece of advice comes up every year, because no matter what you’re selling or when, search trends change. To get the most traffic, you need to know what keyword phrases related to your products or services come up most often in searches. These keywords can then be incorporated into your e-commerce content. It’s wise to do this at least once a year and with a quality keyword tool, like Google Keyword Planner or in Google AdWords, in order to find the most relevant, popular, and effective keywords you need to boost your e-commerce SEO.

2. Strategically Include Keywords in Anchor Text

Having keywords strategically placed within the body of your links and web page anchor text is essential. Customers can click on these linked keywords and be directed to your products, which also appeases Google, provided you don’t repeatedly use the same keywords on multiple pages.

3. Delete Duplicate Content

Speaking of keeping Google happy, the newest version of Google’s algorithms has the search engine being especially observant, looking for those people and web sites that are attempting to keep their rankings up in Google searches by copying content. No matter how much you’re tempted to copy product information from the company site to use on your web pages or use a piece of your landing page content elsewhere on your site, don’t stoop to that level. It may be the easy way out when it comes to content creation, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to damage your search rankings. Take the time to create quality, original content that strategically uses keywords to better your SEO rankings.

4. Create Snazzy Product Descriptions

You can tell when a company has created its own product descriptions: the text is lively and provides customer-friendly information about the benefits of the products that are easy to understand. Once again, this calls for you to be original. Create fantastic product descriptions that sing the praises of your products based on your target audience’s needs and expectations, thereby compelling people to make purchases.

5. Make Proper Use of Product Images

These days, images are gold. Having high-resolution images that show your products in the best light and are encoded with a photo tag using the appropriate keyword phrases can step up traffic to your web site, attracting clients and sales. If you’re not sure what images to use, perform split A/B testing to see which ones get the greatest response from clients and which yield the most conversions.

6. Remove or Fix Broken Links

As in previous years, any sort of linking schema you create is going to be intricate, possibly even complicated, which is fine, provided the links are coded and embedded properly and always work. Broken links, which can be caused by something as little as accidentally hitting the space bar one too many times, can de-rank your e-commerce material and get your site flagged as spam. Be sure to regularly check your e-commerce site for broken links and fix them accordingly.

7. Ask for Honest Customer Reviews

Statistics say that customers don’t buy online until they’ve read a few product reviews to help them with their purchasing decisions. Encouraging customers to review their purchases provides original content for your e-commerce site that can help to improve your SEO rankings. To facilitate customer reviews, consider sending an e-mail message offering them a promotion or other incentive for writing a review. However, don’t attempt to bribe consumers into leaving a good review; encourage an honest critique of your products and services.

By making the right adjustments to your e-commerce pages, you can increase your chances for improved sales and profits.