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SEO Benefits of Using WordPress for Local Business Web Sites

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One of the most popular, robust, and flexible content management systems (CMS) available to businesses and users right now is WordPress for web sites. The web site-building platform allows users to design a blogging site or support system to drive e-commerce businesses. WordPress’s CMS features also include customization users can effortlessly design any type of web site even without knowledge of HTML coding. There are plenty WordPress features and benefits, but one that truly stands out is its ability to be search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly.

Easy Migration

If you already have a local business web site, it is easy to switch over to the WordPress platform for better operation of your digital presence. Web site migration takes only a few minutes under the right circumstances. You can either manually migrate your site, which is a good idea for new, fresh sites with little content, or, for sites that have a lot of content, migration tools are available to automate the process for you. It’s a simple task to switch to the SEO-friendly web site platform and benefit from its many advantages, including WordPress’s security of your data.

SEO-Friendly URLs or Permalinks

WordPress links, also known as permalinks, define how your URLs look to browsers. Each URL of your web site can be customized, which plays a huge impact on SEO. WordPress immediately creates a URL that is SEO-friendly when a post or article is generated. This URL contains keywords that explain the main point of the article, and are easily read by people and search engines like Google, who spot these keywords and improve the chances of your site ranking higher.

100% Customizable Web Design

Your web site can be a place that encourages customers to visit and
The appearance and style of your web site is completely customizable, so your site can reflect the image and theme of your brand. Customizing your web design allows you to give users and prospects a unique experience that they cannot find on competitor web sites.

WordPress’s Plugin Functionality

Plugins, also known as add-ons or extensions, are small programs written to enhance an existing computer program. WordPress’s plugin functionality is an extremely useful feature to make your web site even better. Some examples of plugins are event calendars, video galleries, your Twitter feed and Facebook Page box.

Multiple Users

As your business grows so should your content team. Having several content contributors building up your site will keep your ranks higher on Google especially with the use of keywords. WordPress allows the administrator to set up multiple user accounts and assign levels, capabilities, and restrictions to each user.

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