Reaching Out to Your Clients with a Newsletter for Business Success

Reaching Out to Your Clients with a Newsletter for Business Success

When you start your own business, there is a feeling of it being like a club. It’s your own special place that also happens to be the vehicle to pay your bills with. Your business is your own special club with you as president and your clients as members. It’s something that you all take pride in and you want to create quality for everyone involved.

Treating your clients as club members is not a bad way to go to build up a successful independent business. Not only do you feel privileged to have them as paying customers, but also they feel special about being part of a special business. It’s all one unique unit, but you have to be the one to keep it feeling special.

A business newsletter functions as a way to bring clients that feeling of being part of something special. In fact, a business newsletter is multifaceted and serves many functions within your own independent business. If you can incorporate it into your business dealings, you open another avenue for generating and sustaining a strong, loyal client business.

Since you are trying to create a special feeling about your business, a business newsletter should be approached with a great deal of care. The process requires a little professional finesse that you must have every time you sit down to create a newsletter.

The language of business letters is always directed to the clients themselves. You have to use a lot of second person grammar and have it constructed as if they were talking to the client face to face. Your paragraphs should be short and sweet, and obviously have perfect grammar and spelling. If you are unsure of how to get the language of a newsletter down, check out samples online or in the library. You can even check your mailbox for a newsletter from another direct marketer; there might be a solid sample right there. Don’t copy them, but note the structure, grammar, etc.

Always have something new in a business newsletter. Let the clients know what has been happening in your business and what hot, new developments there are. Make sure the information is positive and shows what great changes have been made to your business over time. Even if the changes have been slight—e.g. a new customer response service you purchased—let the clients know about them and write about how the changes will affect their relationship with you for the better. Business newsletters don’t have to be a bunch of over exaggerated, bigger-than-life claims about how great your business is booming. They just have to simply show what is changing and how the change is positive.

Scheduling in business newsletter creation is important, too. Now, this can vary from business to business, but it is something to contemplate. Business newsletters should be sent out on a specific basis—for example, once a month—and be different each time. If clients receive business newsletters on a set schedule, they can look forward to reading them and getting involved in the new material you have to offer. It’s something special for them to see coming over the horizon.

The icing on the cake for business newsletters is what new products or services you have to offer. Business newsletters should have something new or something that clients were previously unaware of for them to get in on. Now you might have a strong product or service that’s been in operation that they have forgotten about. Or, even better, you’ve developed a new product to market to them. Put this information in your business newsletters. There must be something special for the client to see that will want them to get online or want to pick up the phone to get in on these new products. You can even offer them a discount at a particular time or as long-standing customers. But always be sure to include all of your contact information, so they can respond as soon as possible. Good business newsletters get clients interested and bring them back to your business.

Special businesses, like special clubs, have something special for their clients. Business newsletters can offer this special material all in a few sheets of paper. They are the connection between you and the clients, all in one special package.

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