How to Optimize Your Web Site Navigation for a Better User Experience

How to Optimize Your Web Site Navigation for a Better User Experience

site-navigationSite navigation is an important but often overlooked component of any web site. For a better user experience, having effective site navigation is key. If users cannot navigate through your site to where they want to go, they are less likely to continue using your site. With a proper web site layout and navigational structure, you can make your site more usable.

What many business owners don’t realize is that site navigation also plays a role in search engine rankings. Search engines consider site navigation and prioritize those sites with user-friendly layouts and structure. This means that optimizing your web site navigation is also an effective SEO technique.

Here are some steps that can help optimize the navigation of your web site.

Understand What Visitor Flow Patterns Are Telling You

Using analytics can help you determine how visitors are using your site, helping find opportunities for optimization and improvement. Visitor flow patterns outline the route that internet users take when navigating your site, including how they initially find your web site and what pages they navigate through. By using this information, it can be easy to pinpoint where users are having difficulties with navigation. With this data, you can easily improve site navigation.

Make Use of Sensible Nav Bars and Site Layouts

Web sites need to have a logical structure and navigational elements should adhere to this structure. For instance, with nav bars, it’s important that buttons and links are well-ordered. “About” or “Shop” buttons should be prioritized, coming before the “Contact” button. Consider which site pages users are most likely to look for and where they expect to find them on the nav bar. For the web site as a whole, it’s important to avoid overly complex, complicated, or muddled site structures. There should be a landing page, some top-level pages, and some additional subpages. This type of structure is easy to navigate and allows users to easily get to other parts of your site without becoming lost.

Make Your Web Site Mobile Friendly

More than half of internet users are now accessing web sites from their mobile devices. This means that any web site has to have mobile-friendly navigation. A web site that is navigable through a desktop may not be as usable on a mobile device. Furthermore, Google penalizes web sites that aren’t mobile friendly, placing them lower in search engine rankings. In today’s age, it’s important that your site is navigable for all users, no matter what device they are using.

Embrace Social Media Buttons

Social media should never be neglected, especially when it comes to your web site navigation. One of the main ways that people find new web sites is through social media posts, links, and comments. Business owners need to take into account that many people will navigate to their site through social media posts, as opposed to search engines or the URL bar. With any content featured on your site, you should use sharing buttons that allow your fans to post the content to their own social media pages, promoting your web site to their friends.

Optimize Breadcrumb Navigation Tactics

Breadcrumb navigation ensures that people on your web site can easily navigate back to top-level pages or landing pages. With breadcrumb navigation, the top left corner of the site displays the parent section of whatever page a user is on, allowing them to understand where they are in your site’s structure and navigate back to access other pages. Breadcrumb navigation is particularly important if a user navigates onto a webpage that is not the main landing page of your site.

Check and Fix Any Broken Links

One of the easiest ways to end up with poor navigation on your web site is by neglecting to fix broken links. If links end up being dead-ends or do not lead users back to where they need to go, that is a major issue that can turn people away from your site or cause lower search engine rankings. Do regular checks of links, ensuring that they are not broken.

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