All You Need to Know about Google Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

All You Need to Know about Google Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

Google Sponsored Promotions for businessesGoogle Sponsored Promotions (GSP) are a new tool available to businesses that helps them reach more potential customers and create awareness for their products.

In the world of SEO, there are new advertising methods being developed constantly. GSP ads have been around in a beta form for a few years, but last year, Google made this tool available to business owners and advertisers everywhere.

Traditional SEO and online marketing usually focuses on using search engines and web site advertisements for promotion. With GSP ads, businesses can now market to people through their e-mail accounts.

What Is Google Sponsored Promotion?

Google Sponsored Promotions could also be called Gmail Sponsored Promotions. That is because these ads appear in the e-mail accounts of Gmail users under the Promotions tab. By using these ads, marketers can deliver their advertisements straight to the inbox of Gmail users.

Like with any e-mail, there are two parts to a GSP ad. In their Promotions inbox, the ad appears with the business’s name, a promotional headline, and some copy. If the user chooses to open the promotion, they are taken to the expanded text (just like with an e-mail) and can choose to click through to the business’s web site from there.

GSP ads are highly targeted, which allows businesses to target users based on the information in their Gmail accounts. By using information from users’ e-mails and Gmail account, GSP ads can be more targeted than other forms of online marketing.

Benefits of GSP

There are many major benefits to using GSP, particularly because the program is new. As of now, GSP offers distinct advantages that other forms of online marketing may not.

Cost-Economic Pricing

GSP ads are more cost-effective than many other types of online marketing, and they are vastly more affordable than traditional marketing. GSP uses cost-per-click pricing, so you only pay once per user in each campaign. This means that the amount you pay is proportional to the effectiveness of your ads. If you do not receive interest from your ad, you will not have to make a large investment.


GSP is a new type of ad that previously hasn’t been used before. While some companies send direct promotions to people’s accounts, GSP actually integrates promotional ads with users’ e-mail accounts. This is a new innovative form of marketing that currently doesn’t have as much competition as other advertising channels.

Real Time

One of the biggest advantages of GSP is that businesses can target individual users based on their data, information, and e-mails, allowing for the mostly highly specified marketing. With traditional Internet advertisements, cookies are often used to target ads and this approach is less specific. With GSP, businesses can create more effective ads targeted towards individual users.

Highly Scalable

Another big advantage to GSP is that it is highly scalable, thus allowing businesses to improve the effectiveness of their ads. GSP provides businesses with reports on user interaction data, which allows ads to be continuously improved and revised. The highly scalable nature of GSP ads make them a great tool for web marketers who want to create the most effective ads possible.

Broad Reach

With any advertisement, effectiveness is limited by the reach of the ad. For instance, an advertisement on a web site that has no users will not raise awareness or generate sales. The great thing about GSP ads is that they have an incredibly broad reach. Anyone with a Gmail account can be targeted and reached using these ads. The broad reach of GSP ads gives them an advantage over other types of advertising.

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