A Technical Checklist for Changing SEO Services

Your Must-Have Technical Checklist When Hiring a New SEO Agency

Technical Checklist For Changing SEO ServicesThere may come a time when you decide that hiring a new SEO agency for your business would be a better option than sticking with the SEO services you are currently receiving. If your current agency isn’t able to meet your search engine optimization needs, this can be an unfortunate but necessary step as you strive to grow your business. In order to quickly familiarize this new agency with your current SEO practices and infrastructure, however, certain steps need to be taken during the transition process. Follow this handy-dandy SEO technical checklist so you can stay on top of the transition period’s demands and hit the ground running with your new agency.

10 Things to Get from Your Old SEO Agency

Request a Point of Contact

There are certain technical details and bits of planning information that your new SEO service will need to coordinate with the old in order to make the transition proceed smoothly. Securing a contact for your new SEO agency is the main way this task can be accomplished. While it may feel awkward trying to make this arrangement, try to remember that these are professionals who understand the necessity of what is being asked of them.

Get Full Access to Your Web Site’s CMS

Your web site’s content management system is the central hub through which your online presence is managed. If you already have full access to your web site and CMS hosting, then you can skip this step. If, however, you left such matters fully in the hands of the old service, part of hiring a new SEO agency is securing access to the CMS, FTP, and hosting control panel to move the web site.

Secure Control of Your Domain

Your business’ Web domain is going to be needed for a web site migration to the new SEO service. This requires changes to be made to the DNS and if the old agency is the one who registered the domain, you will need to get control of it before any major changes can be made.

Get Access to Google Analytics

Your old SEO company should have a Google Analytics account for your web site that is used to track the traffic that flows on and off your pages. Giving your new SEO agency access to this account empowers them with a wealth of information about your current and past SEO progress, and helps them get a head start on meeting your needs. Unfortunately, this step can sometimes get tricky. If your old SEO agency created a separate Analytics account, then they can provide full access without much issue. If, however, your page is part of a larger Analytics account the company still uses, your new SEO agency may only get property-level access, which is less ideal since it restricts the use of certain features and still leaves the old agency with full access and visibility.

Get Full Access to Google AdWords

Much like with Google Analytics, your old SEO service should have set up a Google AdWords account for your business. If the account is unique to your business, then you should already have access and can share it easily when hiring a new SEO agency. If you don’t already have access, it will need to be obtained from the old service. This isn’t always possible, unfortunately.

Get Full Access to My Business Listings

Google’s My Business listings can be used by the new agency to verify up-to-date information, among other things. Getting access to a My Business page has the same considerations as Google AdWords.

Get Full Access to All Social Media Accounts

Part of your SEO services from the old agency likely involved managing a social media page for your business (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). You will want to secure the login credentials for each one in order to provide access to your new SEO provider. This task is more important than others on this checklist because while you can re-establish AdWords or Analytics, there is no real way to create a new social media page and have it quickly acquire the same followers and recognition as an old one.

Get Full Access for Other Accounts

Blogs, business and classified listings, and other Web presences may have been a part of your SEO services under the old agency. Access and login credentials will need to be acquired and provided to the new agency in order to let them make use of the existing infrastructure and tools. Fortunately, your old SEO agency should have a list of all these credentials for each different web site you used.

Ask for the Latest Web Site Backup

Your business’ web site should have been backed up regularly as a security precaution, and your old SEO agency likely has the backups on hand. Ask for the backups to be provided either to you or to the new SEO agency in order to speed up the transition and integration with your new partner.

Remove Access from the Old Agency

A central part of the transition when hiring a new SEO agency is to make sure the old one can’t still access your systems or accounts. This is important for both security and privacy concerns and is fortunately not too hard to accomplish. In most cases, access can be restricted simply by changing the login information or using a site’s control panel to revoke access privileges. If you run into a situation where your business’ individual profile can’t be separated from the old agency’s account, such as with Google Analytics above, then you may need to consider cutting ties completely and starting over with a new account altogether.

Getting Professional SEO Services and a Smooth Transition

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