SEO Package Pricing for Different Businesses

How Much Should Local SEO Packages Cost?

SEO - 3D cube wordIt can be tricky to compare different SEO pricing models since, even before you get to the actual sums, different SEO packages come with different assumptions and service expectations that will affect your decision-making. Although it is true that cheap (or expensive) SEO is not necessarily the best SEO, it is also true that you get what you pay for, which adds yet another layer of complication to the decision-making process. This guide should help give an explanation of the three main types of SEO package and how they can be used for your business’s purposes.

Hourly SEO Services

Under an hourly SEO package, you are paying for the raw man-hours that go in to the work.


  • A set hourly rate makes cost-prediction easier
  • Hours can be specifically allocated to high-priority/deadline tasks or away from less important ones
  • Hourly rates can help break down service costs
  • Each hour needs to be logged and accounted for, which offers higher transparency


  • SEO tends to require more time than most people realize, so hourly budgets can get exceeded due to misunderstanding
  • Hourly rates limit the manpower than can be brought to an all-hands-on-deck situation
  • Hourly rates tend to create a more short-term perspective

Monthly SEO Services

A monthly SEO package is one you are most likely already familiar with. You pay a set fee each month in order to get a predetermined selection of services regardless of the time required.


  • Monthly plans tend to come with projections, which means better accountability if results aren’t delivered
  • Stronger client-agency relationship since the focus moves towards fostering long-term partnerships and synchronization
  • Fewer nitpicks as people stop having to debate over how individual hours get spent
  • You still get to see how manpower is divided up and directed


  • You are locked in to a contract and cannot adjust or terminate if something unexpected happens
  • Variations in monthly traffic and business can mean some months don’t give as much bang-for-the-buck as others (no matter your SEO, people search for fewer deck renovations in winter, for instance)
  • SEO is, again, a slow process, so it can be some time before meaningful updates are seen

Project-Based Services

Under project-based pricing, you pay an up-front amount for a set of services to be completed by a specified date. This can be used to test the waters for an eventual monthly arrangement or to engage in a targeted SEO activity like performing a web site audit.


  • One lump sum is all that is required, which is useful for anyone with budget constraints
  • The contract defines exactly what you will be getting so there are no uncertainty concerns
  • You can use project-based approaches to target specific aspects of SEO
  • The timeline can be more clearly established as project goals are planned out and defined


  • The project goals and tasks need to be clearly set and understandable or else the SEO firm may not realize what they are doing isn’t what you intended
  • Since parameters are defined beforehand, there is less flexibility if new developments arise

What Affects the Cost of Local SEO?

The type of SEO package that will work best for your business will likely depend on the level of work that will be required. Unfortunately, this is not a hard-and-fast measurement since there are a lot of factors that influence how hard or easy a given SEO task will be. The following can all raise or lower the cost of an SEO project:

  • Scale of competition (competing with large industries is naturally harder) and size of niche
  • Variety of products and/or services you offer and wish to promote
  • Number of locations
  • How established your business is and past SEO work (if any)

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