How to Measure Cross-Device Conversion in AdWords

How to Measure Cross-Device Conversion in AdWords

Google adwordsGoogle AdWords has once again outdone its own SEO standards by incorporating the option to enable cross-device conversions in businesses’ AdWords campaign. Cross-device conversions allow businesses to measure the frequency with which users click on their ads from one device and then switch to another device or a different web browser on the same device to complete the transaction. This is a game-changing development because it improves the accuracy and efficiency with which adwords conversions are measured, and it will also advance your business’s pay-per-click (PPC) campaign tactics. The main challenge this new development presents is determining whether different users are clicking on your company’s ads from multiple devices or if the same user is clicking on the same ads from different devices. This is where the lines between cross-channel attribution and cross-device conversions become a little blurry.

Cross-Channel Attribution

Cross-channel attribution is a marketing technique that lets advertisers track exactly how many ads they are running at any given time through different media and precisely which ad and medium combinations are most successfully rendering return on ad spend. More than a decade ago, when computers were the only source of online purchases, this was the only form of measuring adwords conversions and PPC conversions. Back then, all you had to do was match the cookies from the transaction to the cookies of the device being used and it was fairly simple to establish whether different people were clicking on your ads. Nowadays, cross-device conversion makes it a lot harder to match the cookies using the same method.

Estimated Cross-Device Conversions

In the past, Google Adwords campaigns would have to rely solely on estimated cross-device conversions to measure the metrics by which their ads were being clicked through multiple mediums. But with the added option to track cross-device conversions in Google AdWords, it is no longer necessary to estimate how many clicks your ads are getting from different devices and sources.

How to Use Cross-Device Conversions in Your AdWords Campaigns

You can measure cross-device conversions in your AdWords campaigns by analyzing the data from single user’s Google accounts while still keeping the user’s identity and online activities private. The sole purpose of this analytic method is to measure the conversions rates of PPC campaigns and verify which ads are successfully attracting potential customers along with the media in which each ad is accruing the most online action. Google AdWords sends this information to the company so that they can customize their adwords campaigns accordingly. All you have to do is enable the cross-device conversions feature in your adwords campaign; this will increase your ads’ visibility across all devices.

How to Set Up Cross-Device Conversions for Automated Bidding

There are three steps to set up cross-device conversions for automated bidding in Google AdWords. First, be sure to make proper use of all possible cross-device conversion options that are available to you in Google AdWords based upon the specifications of your account(s). This will help you reach wider audiences with your ads across all media platforms and devices. Second, it is imperative that you have an understanding of the ways in which your conversion rates operate on different devices, so you must do your research on this firsthand. Third, use this data to your advantage by setting your automated bids accordingly and making sure that your ads are compatible with all existing devices (desktop computers, mobile devices, tablets, etc.), and always stay on top of all new technological advancements.

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