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Marketing Trends 2021: How YouTube Is a Helpful Tool for Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners

Like all other social media and online platforms, YouTube is an invaluable resource for helping small businesses effectively reach out and directly interact with their target audience. Millions of viewers use YouTube on a daily basis for entertainment, to look for how-to videos, and keep up with their favourite content creators.
Businesses that aren’t already taking advantage of YouTube to connect with online users are missing out on some excellent digital marketing opportunities.
YouTube optimization is one of the hottest marketing trends of 2021 because it has the potential to attract more qualified customers who are actively seeking out certain products, services, or information directly to your brand.
The numbers don’t lie. Statistics show that 72% of small businesses are capable of successfully starting and managing YouTube channels that garner a great deal of views and followers. Another 65% of small businesses have reported that they’re able to showcase their products and services using various content creation strategies on YouTube (i.e. videos, paid ads, etc.). Lastly, 85% of viewers look for fresh, creative, and unique content on YouTube. If that’s not enough to convince you that cultivating a YouTube channel for your small business is a worthy investment, then keep reading to learn more.

How YouTube Trends Evolve and Why You Should Keep Up

YouTube is constantly updating its algorithm to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to cultivate a strong following and build their online brand presence. Recently, the video content creation mogul launched a new video ad campaign creation process that simplifies and streamlines the way in which companies can upload and share their product or service information across YouTube and various other social media platforms.
The new process gives small business owners the ability to select the exact niche audiences that they want to target with specific video ads. They can also select an appropriate customer outreach budget that dictates the frequency of the ads and which videos they’ll accompany. Digital marketers and SEOs in Toronto can also choose the length of the ads as well as whether or not users will be given the option to skip the ads.
YouTube videos and advertisements are one of the most effective ways to actively seek out and engage with your target audience members. The platform uses a specially formulated algorithm to target certain audience members based on content that they’ve viewed in the past. Data analysis makes it easier to create targeted ads that are directed to the most qualified audience members that are the most likely to increase your bottom line.
Plus, you can see what’s trending in your industry and create related content to promote your business. YouTube has also made it easier to downgrade your content creation time from long hours to just a few minutes per ad and you can easily analyze the performance of each ad.
The official YouTube Small Biz Day landing page has access to a variety of helpful resources and information to help you get started on your YouTube optimization journey.

Why Should Business Owners Care about YouTube?

The majority of online users are on a bunch of different social media and content sharing platforms. YouTube is one of the largest and most well-known content creation and sharing platforms in the world. Not only does it have massive international outreach capabilities, but it’s also made household names out of countless YouTube sensations and personalities. More often than not, when something goes viral, it’s on YouTube.
As a small business owner that’s invested time and money into digital marketing, you should absolutely take advantage of the many positive SEO-building qualities that YouTube has to offer. Appearing on one of the largest content sharing platforms on the Internet will help you build your online presence, increase your search visibility, attract and retain a larger customer base, allow you to interact with users on a personal basis, and create a uniquely personalized brand experience for online users.
Plus, creating and uploading short yet informative videos on YouTube helps you expand your global outreach by breaking into previously untapped international markets. This can help you streamline your business growth without over extending your advertising budget.
Not sure how to get started?

Follow YouTube’s Step-By-Step Playbook

If you’ve been considering launching a YouTube channel for your small business, but need a push in the right direction, you’re in luck. YouTube has a helpful and foolproof step-by-step playbook to guide you through the process.

Step One: Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube has provided an easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to create your business’s channel. You can create a personalized brand name, customized theme, URL, company description, and include your contact information. Choose from a variety of different branding options.

Step Two: Video Content Creation

Once you’ve completed these tasks, the next step is to create, edit, and upload your first video. Plan the content and structure of the video carefully before filming. This section provides you with tips on using various recording devices including mobile phones and professional cameras. It also shows you how to splice together clips of existing footage using Google’s Video Maker platform.
Choose an appropriate video thumbnail and include searchable tags, video cards, and end screens to boost your search visibility and rankings. Use YouTube Studio to track the performance of your videos.

Step Three: Live Streaming on YouTube

Mobile phone live streaming is only enabled on channels that have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers. If you have less than that, you can only livestream from a desktop or laptop computer. This chapter will teach you how to verify your business’s YouTube channel and adjust your settings to enable live streaming on various devices.

Step Four: YouTube Ads for Beginners

This section will teach you all about creating a Google Ads account, how to set up and launch an ad campaign, and how to measure your results. According to YouTube approximately 89% of small businesses use a combination of organic content and paid ads to build their brand platforms.

Why SEO Is Important for YouTube

YouTube has its own unique set of SEO-related engagement metrics that essentially track and allow you to analyze the performance of the content you’re posting. These engagement metrics include number of channel subscribers, video views, video comments, video likes, and estimated watch time (how long users are watching your videos for). High engagement metrics boost your video rankings. To help your videos rank higher in YouTube search results, you need to include metatags, a title, description, and transcript. All of these are ample opportunities to textually optimize your content for SEO by including specific keywords, which increases your organic rankability.

Professional SEO and Web Marketing Services in Toronto

If you need help with YouTube optimization for your online brand, let the SEO and web marketing experts at Numreo Uno Web Solutions do it for you. We specialize in creating custom optimized web content that’s guaranteed to help you increase your online following and ROI. Contact us today to learn more.

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