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How to Make Your Business Appear in “Near Me” Searches

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When it comes to local SEO, “near me” searches are becoming more important. When people search for local keywords, Google only returns three results in the local map pack. Sometimes, these top three results will be the most relevant results for the city itself, not necessarily for the person performing the search. For instance, if someone searches for “Italian restaurants in Toronto,” Google may show them the three biggest or most popular Italian restaurants in the city. However, all of these restaurants may be on the opposite side of the city from the person performing the search.
This is why more Google users are doing “near me” searches. With these searches, people specify that they are looking for businesses “nearby” or “near me,” allowing Google to return the results that are close by for that person. With “near me” searches, Google takes into account the location the person is searching from, returning the most relevant results for them.
“Near me” searches are very important for businesses facing a lot of competition, allowing them to be one of the top results for people in their area and stand out against bigger competitors. These searches are also important for a franchised or multi-location business that wants their closest physical location to be the top result.

Ways to Optimize Your Business for “Near Me” Searches

To make sure that your local business web site is optimized for “near me” searches, there are some specific strategies that can be used.

Mobile-Friendly Web Site

Mobile search optimization is very important for search engine results. As more people use mobile devices to perform searches, Google has begun to favour web sites that are mobile friendly and penalize those that aren’t. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, then your search engine rankings will suffer.

Optimize Your Local SEO

Just because you are aiming to appear in “near me” searches doesn’t mean that effective SEO practice is not needed. Using effective SEO practice is important for search engine rankings, regardless of whether Google accounts for your business’s physical location. Use local keywords and industry-relevant terms.

Claim Your Business Listing

Another factor Google may consider in their rankings is your business’s presence in online directories. Claim your business listing on as many online directories as possible. At the very least, you should claim your Google My Business listing, but you should also aim to have your business listed on the Yellow Pages web site, Yelp, and other similar business directories.

Obtain More Google Reviews

If your business has good Google reviews, it is more likely to appear in the Google local 3-pack. As well, Google reviews can help grow your business and attract more customers. Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on your Google business listing.

Have a Uniform NAP

Your NAP (name, address, phone number) information is vitally important for your search engine rankings and for appearing in Google’s local 3-pack. When you have multiple business listings across the web, it is very easy for your NAP info to have slight deviations, whether in abbreviations, punctuation, or formatting. Unfortunately, this can cause your business to be penalized. Ensure that your NAP info is consistent across every listing and directory.

Get Local Citations

Another important tool for local SEO is to have your business mentioned on other web sites. These local citations play a role in your search engine rankings. Explore strategies for increasing your citations and growing your presence online.

Use AdWords Locations Extension

Google has recently introduced a new ad unit that appears on mobile searches, specifically for “nearby” or “near me” local searches. However, for your business to appear in this ad unit, you need to be using Google AdWords’ location extensions. Take advantage of this new tool and get your business in front of more mobile users.
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