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Local SEO Strategies for Multi-Location Businesses

Local-SEO-Strategies-for-Multi-Location-Businesses Using local SEO to grow your company can be confusing when you do business in multiple locations. Local SEO is a web marketing strategy that focuses specifically on targeting people close to your business. However, once you have outlets or offices in multiple cities, it can be much harder to keep your marketing “local.” How do you use SEO for multiple locations? While it can be a bit tricky, there are a number of SEO, online marketing, and web techniques that multi-location businesses can use for success.

Using a Single Domain for Multi-Location Businesses

One local SEO strategy that has been suggested in the past is to create multiple domains for each of your locations. Using this approach, a business web page is built for each city or area that your company operates in, so that you have several different web pages with unique URLs. If you have one location in Toronto, you create a web page for that (e.g., and continue on for each of your cities.

Unfortunately, while this approach seems to make sense, it has many downsides. Not only can it be costly to register so many domains, but people can become confused or turned off when searching for your company. Multiple domains are seen as suspicious or unprofessional most of the time. However, the worst part about multiple domains is that they can affect your search engine rankings. Your business pages may appear lower, as your content and SEO is diluted across each one.

A better approach is to consolidate all of your content under one domain. There are still ways that you can use local SEO for services in multiple cities while using one domain.

Uniqueness – The Key to Creating the Best Local Landing Pages

If you need multi-location SEO for service area businesses, then the most effective approach is to create unique content for each location. While you should stick to one domain, the key is to create a wide range of unique and diverse content that can be hosted on that domain.

Each location should have its own local landing page, with optimized content that is relevant to people on that area. Include local SEO keywords, location-relevant topics, and optimized headlines, page titles, and other geo-specific content. Never re-use or re-purpose content for multiple locations – that could end up affecting your search engine rankings, in some cases. Creating unique content will raise your business’s search engine rankings.

Uniformity in NAP across All Local Citation Services

Directory listings can also be a problem for businesses with multiple locations. NAP consistency is essential for SEO success. NAP refers to name, address, and phone number, and it represents your directory and contact information that is available online. NAP info should be consistent throughout the internet, including down to minute details and formatting. While this can be difficult to manage for businesses with multiple locations, having inconsistent NAP info can lower your search engine rankings, decrease web traffic, lower leads, and confuse your customers.

Luckily, there are many apps and tools that can be used to ensure NAP consistency. Paid apps provide good bang-for-your-buck, and SEO experts and specialists can also be hired to ensure that your NAP info is completely accurate.

Local SEO for Service Area Businesses in Toronto

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