Linking Your Business Properly for Online Business Strength

Linking Your Business Properly for Online Business Strength

Online Business StrengthWhen the Internet came along, we were promised that we’d all be connected online. That’s more or less true now. The question is: how strongly are we connected?

No matter what new communication medium comes along, there is no magic to keep people better connected online. Sure, social media and e-mail can do away with expensive, slow mailings to keep people all over the world in touch, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to stronger friendships. It’s up to people to build their own strong, personal links and keep them over time. Without this kind of effort, they will die out, and no amount of technology can save them.

In online business, you have to help secure your associations with business partners and clients with links. Those little illuminated icons or word combos that let you get connected to other pages and/or people in a split second can mean life or death for your business. If your links are strong, there will be life for your business all the time.

To have strong links in online business, you have to have a plan of interlinking. No doubt you are using links to help generate client traffic to your web site. It’s a search engine optimization (SEO) technique, no question about it, but there should be an idea of what sort of interlinking you are doing. When you have associates or create subsidiary web sites, you need to make sure there are links back to your homepage so that clients can get access to you from any related Web area. In business partnerships, you have to make sure that your partners have your link on their sites and theirs on yours. Interlinking creates networks and subsequent possibilities for more traffic to everyone’s sites. More traffic means more potential clients. More potential clients mean success for everyone. You get the idea.

With interlinking comes your plan of on-page SEO and off-page SEO. This ensures that your links, both on your web page and others out there on the Web, are fully functional and placed according to SEO guidelines. Since links on your own page are just as important as links on other pages, you have to know which link does what and ask yourself how each link can initiate a strong client response to your business. Again, too many people don’t appreciate the need for links or how they are arranged. If you aren’t sure how the SEO channels of links work, don’t panic. Just get someone well-versed in SEO to help you with a link architecture that works for your business.

Dead links can do damage here. Actually, more than you can imagine. While some companies that are involved with online publishing will profess that “only the important links need to be working,” they are showing ignorance and disrespect to their own client bases. Whether you are on a homepage or trying to click onto another page from an existing one and there is no connection, there’s a very good chance you will quit trying any more searching from there. Most clients have this attitude, and rightly so. If your links to product pages are not working, if they can’t link to your subsidiary site or if they get redirected to an unrelated page, their attitude toward your online operations and business as a whole will change for the worse. Even if you have to pull up all of yourMetatags over the weekend and check every single tag you have, fixing the dead links will keep clients interested and your business image strong. Live links means long life for your business.

It’s really amazing what a click of the old mouse can do. In a matter of seconds and a few double-digit clicks, you can have sports scores, a Wikipedia page and an e-mail checked, all almost simultaneously. This is the linking of online life, and to recognize this is to recognize the importance of links for online business. Don’t underestimate how important linking is to your business. You can create a strong network of fun, friendships and business acumen if you get your links down pat.

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