Link Building 2016: What Makes People Link Back to Your Web Site

Link Building 2016: What Makes People Link Back to Your Web Site

Link-BuildingUsing the right link building strategy in 2016 can help get your web site to the top of search engine rankings. Backlinks are used by search engines like Google to determine your rankings. A backlink is any link from another web site to your own. These links can drive traffic to your web site, but more importantly, they give Google important information about the value of your site. When Google sees other web sites linking back to yours, it tells them that your web site is an authority in your field and that you offer valuable content.

By securing backlinks from other high-quality web sites, you can increase your web site authority and improve your search engine rankings.

8 Ways to Make People Recommend Your Web Site

Here are some strategies you can use when building a brand and trying to secure backlinks from reputable web sites.

1.Design Web Site with a ‘Reader’s First’ Approach

If you create valuable content, then your web site is more likely to receive backlinks from other sites. Focus on creating content that has value for your reader, either by providing information, entertainment, or guidance. Some of your readers will have their own web sites, and they may link back to your content. Other web sites will recognize the value of your content and use backlinks to enhance their own.

2.Include Statistical Data in Your Content

One of the easiest ways to improve the authority of your web site is by using statistical data in your content. Statistics are easily shared throughout the Internet. When you use statistics, web sites are more likely to refer back to you as a reference or authority.

3.Publish Long Content

Very simply, longer content creates more opportunities for your content to be linked to. As well, with added details, including statistics, references, and other important information, you can improve the authority of your web site and increase the chances that someone will link to it.

4.Include Infographics

One of the things that are easily shared throughout the web are infographics. People love infographics, as they can take detailed information and make it easily digestible. A good, relevant infographic can be shared across hundreds of web sites.

5.Mention Influencers and Industry Trends

Using influencers is one effective strategy for building backlinks. As well, mentioning industry trends is an easy way to attract immediate attention. As many web sites deal with industry trends, the subject is a great way to attract readers and backlinks.

6.Use More Videos

Watching videos is the number one activity people do on the Internet. Create your own videos or video series to not only increase web traffic but also have your web site linked to and shared across the Internet. Videos are easily shareable and will attract more attention than any other type of content.

7.Be Human—Earn More Reviews

When building a brand, one of the most important things is to create connections and foster relationships with your readers. Add a personal touch to your web site, create conversations, and solicit reviews. When people have a personal connection with your business or web site, they are more likely to help promote and link to it.

8.Try to Tell a Story

Stories are one of the most effective ways to communicate and are easily sharable. How many times has a story gone viral across the web? Stories can entertain readers, provide information, create personal bonds, and illustrate concepts in an easily digestible manner. By fitting your content into a story format, you can create more readable, enjoyable content that is more likely to be shared.

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