Labyrinths—Avoiding the Uncontrollable Online Business Linking Networks

Labyrinths—Avoiding the Uncontrollable Online Business Linking Networks

Avoiding the Uncontrollable Online BusinessThe Endless Connections

You probably know the situation: you’re up one night, scouring the Internet and clicking away on link after link for whatever desired information you are seeking. Then you click one odd link, and all of a sudden, you’re redirected to an unrelated web page or a page that’s altogether dead. Although it’s hardly the end of the world, that feeling of disappointment is prevalent, and it can make you begin to question the competency of whomever designed the pages you are clicking through.

Now imagine someone has the same experience with your web material.

The feeling now goes from disappointment in someone else to disappointment in yourself. You’d likely be embarrassed and wonder why you didn’t do a better job. It’s not good to get too critical with yourself, but this situation is worth contemplating if you’re involved with online business. In some cases, it could mean the difference between success and utter failure.

The Internet has often been described as a labyrinth of endless twists and turns. If you get stuck in the labyrinth with your business, it’s time to get help. Knowing how to avoid this labyrinth in online business will keep you on the right track, and you’ll be successful all the time.

Linking without Limits

There’s no doubt that interlinking plays a big role in online business success. You have to build a connection at the metadata level to ensure your clients can find the information they require of you across your web site and wherever else your links appear on the Net.

The trouble arises when your interlinking gets out of control. You may have wanted to take advantage of some off-page techniques to build up pathways where you’ve placed links back to your web site on another blog in the hopes of building up some potential clientele through random discovery. This sounds fine, but you have to keep track of where you build up your off-SEO ideas. Knowing where they are and seeing if, in fact, they are generating any online traffic will help you keep tabs on your business results. Moreover, you will keep abreast of anyone misusing your links, whereby you’ve been connected to something you didn’t want to be connected to in the first place—namely a mailing list or some unrelated web site that might mess up your interlinking architecture.

In fact, this is a good approach to your on-page SEO, as well. Making sure your links work correctly on your own web site keeps you organized, while showing good customer service at the same time. Letting links fall dead or allowing them to get out of hand can signify to a client that you aren’t interested in top-notch work, and they will only be all too happy to go seeking business somewhere else.

Getting in Trouble

The basic idea of building up links makes perfect sense. You want to generate the potential for more client traffic to your web site. But sometimes, online businesses don’t keep any sort of organized files for their linking; they thereby allow themselves to get bogged down in a sea of poorly managed connections, and their web material dissolves into a mess. It’s easier to avoid this by taking some extra time to map out exactly where your on-page and off-page SEO is going to take place and where you have placed links. Doing this will keep you organized and out of a maze of confusion that too many entrepreneurs before you have fallen into.

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