Importance of Google Reviews in 2016 for Small Businesses

Importance of Google Reviews in 2016 for Small Businesses

importance of google reviews While an SEO company in Toronto can help your business in many ways, there is one crucial aspect of online marketing that only your customers can provide: reviews. Online reviews are one of the main factors people take into account when researching a company. Good reviews can convince someone to become a loyal customer, while even one bad review can be enough to turn someone away. Google business reviews, which appear when businesses are searched, are quickly becoming one of the most important online tools for small businesses.

Here are some reasons why Google reviews will be more important than ever for small businesses in 2016.

New Changes Have Been Made to Google

Local Search has been an important tool for many years now. When people search your business on Google, the first thing that will appear is your Google Plus business page. In the past, this page contained information about your business, including your address, contact information, company description, and photos. Unfortunately, all of those things have now been eliminated by Google. What remains? Google reviews. This means that your reviews now make up much more of your online Google business profile, making them more important than ever.

Your Reviews Are the First Thing People See

Before people view your web site, promotional videos, or web content, they will read your reviews. As reviews are one of the first things to appear on Google searches for your business, you can be sure that every potential customer will be reading them. As well, the flashy design, with a bright-gold star system ensures that people will not miss or gloss over your business’ reviews. Remember that these will be the first thing that people see when they search your business.

People Don’t Trust Testimonials

There may have been a time when people trusted testimonial pages and reviews hosted on company web sites. However, today’s consumer is savvier than ever. With the entire business world embracing the web, consumers are more discerning about web content than ever before. This means that they likely will not trust—or even read—reviews or testimonials hosted on your web site. People know that those reviews will be handpicked and purged of any negative opinions. Instead, they will focus exclusively on Google reviews, as well as some other non-biased sources.

2016 Will Bring More Reviews than Ever Before

Google’s reviews have been notably slow to take off. While their review system has been active for years, it was common for most businesses to have one or two reviews at most for a while. However, recently, Google reviews have gained more prominence over other review sources, like Yelp. With every year, more customer reviews accrue on businesses’ Google pages. 2016 will continue to bring more. While one negative review may be easily dismissed by a customer, 10 or 20 negative reviews will help sink your business. SEO for Toronto businesses is important for getting your site into search rankings, but enough negative reviews will offset all of your other efforts.

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