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How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for SEO Success

Optimize Facebook Page

Social media Facebook in particular is a great online tool that can help you generate more visibility and views for your business. How you use your Facebook page for SEO success matters immensely. It’s not as simple as just creating a Facebook for your business and then posting once in a while. You have to actively manage your business Facebook page just like you would your personal one. Stay on top of the latest industry trends and try to share them with your followers before your competitors. Share images, videos, infographics, and all kinds of media so that your followers can get the latest brand-related news and share your posts.

Whether you’re just beginning to build your online brand or are looking to revamp your established image, here are some great social media optimization tips to set you in the right direction.

Know Your Audience and Their Interests

Forging a strong audience connection is essential when it comes to using Facebook for SEO success. Do some market research and find out who your target audience is. Who are you trying to appeal to the most? Who would be the most interested and likely to support your business?

Once you’ve established your target audience and ideal demographic, you can start creating and sharing Facebook posts that appeal to them. The better you know your audience, the better your chances are of creating dynamic content to increase your chances of achieving SEO success.

Claim Your Vanity URL

Upon creating an official Facebook page, businesses are assigned a generic URL that’s automatically generated by an algorithm. Just like your Google My Business account, it’s important to claim this vanity URL so that you can customize it. Modify it so that it contains your correct business name. Changing your vanity URL so that it matches your business name makes it easier for people to search for and find your business Facebook page, which also gives it a significant SEO boost. Claiming your URL should be the first step in your Facebook page optimization process.

Add Keywords Throughout Your Facebook Page

As always, using the correct keywords is a core component of boosting your Facebook page’s SEO practices. Make sure to include as many relevant keywords throughout your Facebook page as possible. Avoid using the black-hat practice of keyword stuffing just to get more views or clicks as this can lead to misleading users into thinking your brand is something it’s not.

Instead, focus on using keywords that will actually positively serve your brand and help you build up your online recognition and reputation. Include long-tail keywords in the Notes, Updates, Photo captions, Description, Headline, and About section. Long-tail keywords don’t generate as much traffic as short-tail keywords, but they do bring in more high-quality leads that are more likely to support your business, so the trade-off is still beneficial.

Always Include Contact Details

This is an incredibly important and obvious tip that should not be overlooked. Always include your contact details. While people can certainly Google your business and get that information, what’s the point of having a Facebook page if you’re not going to make it as convenient as possible for people to get in touch with you?

On that note, you should also hyperlink your phone number, email, and website so that people can reach you with a simple click. All of the business information that appears on both your Facebook page and GMB knowledge panel should be the same to avoid confusion and frustration from customers.

Fill Out Your About Tab and Update Business Information

You might think that most people won’t even click on or see the About tab on your business Facebook page, but that’s where you’re wrong. From an SEO standpoint, you should fill every available section of your social media pages with informative, enticing, and brief content. Even if you’re just writing a few lines describing your business, linking to products and promotions, or talking about the services you offer, the About tab is another important opportunity to connect with your existing and prospective customers.
It gives them a sense of who you are as a brand and what you’re all about.

More importantly, the About tab also offers another opportunity to include more keywords in your content so that you can boost your SERP rankings. That’s right social media pages can rank on search engines in the same way that websites can, so be sure to take advantage of every ranking opportunity!

Add Links to Your Website and Webpages

Linking to your website and specific webpages, whether it’s in your static social media content or posts, is an important part of social media optimization. Don’t just explain what a product does or what services you offer, provide direct links to where your customers can actually get them! Direct links can be used to boost your SEO efforts by incorporating keywords and your brand name in the URLs. Plus, this strategy also builds up website traffic and makes it easier for you to track where each click is coming from so you can better measure your SEO success.

Optimize Facebook Fan Page Status Updates

When creating posts from your business account, the first 18 characters are a meta description for the rest of the post. Therefore, you should try to incorporate at least one main keyword in the title text of your post. This will help your SEO rankings.

The first word of any status update is typically given higher ranking priority by search engines like Google than the rest of the post, so try to make that a keyword if possible.

Create New and Enticing Posts Regularly

At minimum, you should be posting about once a day. In addition to boosting SEO, posting once a day ensures that your business stays in your followers’ newsfeed regularly without completely taking it over. Post any time you have promotions, contests, giveaways, or upcoming news to share. Fans and followers want to stay updated on all the latest brand news and following businesses on Facebook is the easiest way to do that.

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