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How to Optimize Your Business to Improve Search Visibility

Optimize Your Business to Improve Search Visibility

Website optimization and routine updates are the key to helping improve search visibility and SERP rankings on various search engines. In order for your website to effectively help you achieve your digital marketing and sales goals, you have to nurture it and make sure it has a strong foundation. There are a lot of important factors that go into designing, operating, and managing a fully functional website that increases your SERP rankings and visibility. Keep reading to learn how employing the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategies can help improve your SERP rankings.

What Is Business Search Visibility?

Business search visibility is a key metric used to measure how visible your business is on various search engines using a number of important ranking factors, primarily organic keyword search, as standard criteria. Organic search rankings help determine the efficacy of your website structure, content, and general optimization standards. The more you optimize your website and upload high-quality content consisting of trending keywords and topics, the better your chances are of ranking high on SERPs.

Use Google Search Console for Better Website Crawling

Google offers a number of useful tools and resources that are designed to help webmasters manage their websites and optimize them to yield optimal search results. Among these tools and resources is Google Search Console, which allows you to track and assess Google’s ability to crawl and index various pages on your website. Using this tool, you can also gauge the online visibility of your website, fix indexing issues, and put in a request for Google to re-index certain content that has been updated.

Performing routine website audits is also a great way to update content and ensure that your site meets all of Google’s current crawling, search, and indexing standards.

This will also give you excellent insight into how your website content is performing, which content needs updating, and which content should be removed altogether.

Use Technical SEO to Drive Traffic

Technical SEO includes performing website audits. It also means updating content on a regular basis, optimizing various aspects of your website, and improving its overall schema. Proper website structure makes it easier for search engines like Google to find and crawl through the content on your site to ensure it’s perfectly matched to specific search queries. Google is now utilizing more advanced automated search methods to enhance its search intent readability. Perform thorough keyword and topic research prior to publishing content on your website. Make sure that all content is carefully edited for grammatical and spelling errors.

High-quality content that is well-structured with optimized subheadings increases your visibility and rankability on SERPs because it is easier to crawl and index.

Work on Speed Optimization for Mobile Devices

Mobile speed optimization is another crucial facet of technical SEO that can help improve your website rankability and visibility online. The majority of users use their mobile devices to perform quick voice or text searches on the go. For that reason, it is important to make sure that your mobile loading speed is extremely fast. Websites that take longer than three or four seconds to load are deemed too slow and run the risk of abandonment. Google takes note of this, and it will inevitably have a negative impact on your drinkability.

Tools like PageSpeed Insights give you a unique understanding of what exactly is slowing down certain pages on your website and how you can fix these issues. It gives you a detailed overview of how certain on- and off-page elements are slowing down your page loading times across all devices including mobile phones and desktops. Once you are aware of what issues your website and individual webpages are facing, you can take actionable steps to fix these problems.

Create a Google Business Profile

Formerly known as Google My Business, a Google Business Profile can help your business gain more traction with online searches. In addition to having a well-optimized website, a Google Business Profile offers additional information about your business. It is an online platform powered by Google that allows you to manage your online professional presence by creating a detailed business listing. Each business can have multiple location-based listings that can also be found on Google Maps and other platforms.

Any time someone searches for your brand or business by name or based on similar products and services you offer, your business profile will be one of the first results to appear on page one of Google’s SERP, provided that it is aptly optimized. You can use applicable keywords, descriptors, and categories to optimize your business listing and ensure that it ranks well. The more you fill out your Google Business Profile, the better your ranking will be.

Optimize Homepages and Landing Pages

Homepage and landing page schemas can also heavily impact your website’s ranking power. If Google determines that your homepages and landing pages are too disorganized or over-saturated with content that takes up a lot of bandwidth, then this could slow down your page loading speed and ultimately lower your page rankings.

Homepages and landing pages are the first thing many users will come across when they click through to your website. To boost your rankability and ensure a positive user experience, they should be well-organized and offer as much or as little information as needed to represent your brand, products, and services.

Include Keywords in Headlines and Subheadings

Keywords are important for boosting your SERP rankings. Avoid keyword stuffing in your content but try to include them in as many headlines and subheadings as possible. That way, Google will recognize them more quickly and this will make the crawling and indexing process a lot easier.

Adhere to Google Algorithm Update Guidelines

In an effort to constantly improve user search engine experience and present users with the most relevant search results, Google regularly updates its various algorithms. Major updates are usually announced in advance via social media, while minor updates happen several times a month and usually fly under the radar. Although few specific details are divulged for major updates to level the playing field amongst digital marketers, Google typically releases a set of guidelines that should be followed.

Whenever you catch wind of an algorithm update, be sure to read through and follow the guidelines carefully so you can maintain good standing.

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