How to Avoid Frustration Using the Best Techniques for Your On-Page SEO in Online Business

How to Avoid Frustration Using the Best Techniques for Your On-Page SEO in Online Business

How to Avoid Frustration Using the Best Techniques for Your On-Page SEO in Online BusinessOne Flew Over the SEO’s Nest

Back in the 1980s, there was a famous cartoon that computer programmers hung on their walls. It featured a life-sized human-like duck in a business suit holding a rather large mallet over his computer. Underneath was a caption that read “Hit any key to continue!”

Was it silly? Of course. A bit cheesy by today’s standards? Sure. But it did articulate, both then and now, how computer-based pros feel about doing their work. Digital technology might have a lot of benefits in today’s world, but it continues to cause the greatest anger and frustration in its users even now.

There’s nothing that getting angry when using digital or online applications today will fix; as crazy as it makes you feel, going nuts or the outright destruction of hardware is simply not the solution. You have to learn to roll with the punches a bit and be ready to use your head in moments of sheer craziness, especially if you are using online media as a component of your business’ success.

For online business pros, this is never more necessary than in your on-page techniques. Your on-page SEO (search engine optimization) is such a vital component towards the success of your online business that you have to really work hard to keep it functioning properly. Sure, it can be rage-inducing, but there are some great new SEO techniques you can use to make sure your on-page techniques succeed, with your SEO performing well as a result.

Pumping Up to Pump In

These days, it seems to be all about “pumping up” your web site and online material to make it function better as an online business tool. In the past, there seemed to be trends to try and streamline online business material down to specific components in order for everything to work properly; now, it’s almost the opposite.

When it comes to pumping up, you have a couple of options available. For instance, adding things like multimedia components to your online material can help a lot. Screenshots, videos, or external links are also all helpful material to attract interest online, as these can all be easily found through organic searches nowadays.

Incorporating a little link building doesn’t hurt, either. Conventional wisdom says link building is one of those SEO techniques to avoid; to some, it’s an outright SEO killer. But in reality, it’s more helpful than not. Having links connected properly in your Meta tags can improve linking streams that will make it easier for others to be connected to your online material than ever before. Some online studies have shown that having a few extra outbound links improves SEO and online business more than having none at all.

Other on-page techniques are also available, including adding longer content with updates and postings to your web site and including specific words called “modifiers” in your titles—this can include numbers, dates, and proper titles. These make your material easier to find through organic searches.

Going Freestyle

With on-page techniques, you are really performing hard work for the sake of your online business. A lot of folks on the PPC end of the whole SEO vs. PPC (pay per click) debate would tell you not to waste your time and just shell out for a real PPC methodology. However, with so many new SEO options available through on-page techniques that are relatively easy to use, you shouldn’t feel the need to go the PPC route. By taking the time to do some hardcore SEO through the use of on-page techniques, you are saving a ton of money while gaining success for free. It’s the best way to keep from going crazy while maintaining a good front end for your business.

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