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How Google Voice Search Can Help Improve Your Business Practices

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is becoming an increasingly effective and popular method of allowing businesses to reach prospective customers and maintain a close relationship with existing customers online. With a simple click of the button, customers and prospective customers can easily call your business phone number. On top of that, the Google Voice search feature gives you greater control over when, how, and where you want customers to be able to contact you.

What Is Google Voice Search?

Google Voice search utilizes VoIP technology to enable online customers to contact your business via the Internet. This is dually convenient for both customers and business owners, because customers can easily conduct a voice search on their Internet browser and automatically be presented with relevant results.
This feature ensures that businesses will only be contacted by potentially meaningful leads actually seeking out their company, brand, products, or services while filtering out irrelevant contacts.

As a Google user, you can choose the phone number you want to be affiliated with your company online from a comprehensive list that includes a variety of area codes, regardless of where you’re actually located. For instance, if your target audience primarily resides in Florida, but your company’s headquarters is located in Texas, then you have the option of selecting a Florida-based phone number. As an added bonus, you can connect that same phone number to all of your primary devices so you never have to miss important phone calls.

How Google Voice Can Help Your Business

Google Voice features a variety of beneficial facets that could vastly improve your online communications with customers. For example, the search technology could make it easier and more convenient for customers to contact your company with inquiries, concerns, or complaints. The following is a list of useful features that Google Voice employs to make your online customer relations more productive.

Voice Search Queries

Voice search queries are quickly becoming the most popular way of finding information online for on-the-go mobile users thanks in large part to the development of personal assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant. These programs have made it increasingly easy for people searching for quick location-based solutions or answers to find the information they’re seeking by simply speaking to their mobile devices or tablets.

Personal Assistants then do all of the work by automatically scanning thousands of web sites in a matter of seconds to find the most relevant search results based on the query. Other than the convenience of not having to type out keywords or phrases manually, voice search queries also offer the added convenience of analyzing a person’s natural speaking patterns to quickly locate relevant content.

Increased Visibility of Featured Snippets

Featured snippets, also known as answer boxes, are Google’s way of quickly delivering the exact answers or pieces of information that users seek when they enter a search query. They’re known as answer boxes because the featured content appears in a box on the first results page directly under the ads.

The objective is to answer users’ questions right away so that they don’t have to keep aimlessly and tirelessly searching through irrelevant web site content. This platform saves users a great deal of time when conducting quick searches.

Optimization for Voice-Based Media

As it currently stands, voice search queries have the potential to expand to more than simply posing a question to your Personal Assistant and immediately finding the answer. The technology has the capability to possibly be expanded and implemented in a number of more advanced ways.

One approach that a lot of advertisers, web developers, and SEO experts are predicting could be possible in the not-so-distant future is enhancing voice-based media to allow users to make online purchases simply by speaking to their Personal Assistant. If this vision becomes a reality, then it’ll be a lot easier for people of different technological skill levels to order products and services online.

Universal Information Storage

This is a very useful feature, because it enables you to keep all of your pertinent information organized and filed in one central location for easy access whenever necessary. Voicemails, missed calls, e-mails, and even text messages from your clients will automatically be uploaded and saved within your Google account so that you have the ability to refer back to them whenever you need them.

You can even set up your account to help filter out duplicate information, so that your allotted space isn’t inundated with junk.

Online Calling

Online calling is one of the most prominent and useful features of Google Voice. Rather than having to tirelessly scour through your web site to find your contact information not that it should be that difficult customers can simply conduct a search inquiry, locate your phone number, and simply click on it to call you directly.

Additionally, you can also use this feature to call, text, or e-mail your Google contacts via your Gmail account. This feature is available across multiple devices, including mobile and tablet.

Prioritize Your Calls

On that note, you can also organize and prioritize your business calls according to your own personal and personal preferences. You can link your private and professional phone calls to one Google-operated phone number and designate specific times when it’s appropriate for customers to call you. For instance, if you specify that certain phone numbers can only reach you within the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, then Google will automatically send calls outside of those hours to your voicemail.

You’ll also receive an e-mail notification and transcript of the call and message. This is an excellent feature, because it gives you greater control over your business practices while enabling your customers to connect with you. If you determine that certain callers are spam or solicitors, then you can locate and block the sources of those calls.

Implement a Personalized Professional Greeting

Google Voice allows you to record one universal personalized and professional outgoing message that’ll be heard by all of your contacts, whether they’re customers, colleagues, employees, friends, or family. Depending on how you view it and how much you actually care about having different greetings for each type of caller, this can either be a positive or negative thing.

Most businesses are generally comfortable with having one generic greeting for all of their contacts, though. As long as you keep it short and simple, there’s no reason why this should present any issues for your company. All you have to do is simply state your name and/or company name and a brief but polite message asking the person for their important information and reassuring them that you’ll return their call at your earliest convenience.

Sharing Calls with Authorized Company Personnel

Another perk of using Google Voice is that it allows you to share calls with your assistant and other designated personnel within your organization so that everyone has access to important information, customer feedback, and recordings as they come in. There’s no need to personally relay any messages to anyone, as all authorized employees and colleagues will automatically receive notifications of certain phone calls.

You can even go so far as to give certain people access to certain phone calls, while also preventing them from having access to other calls. All of this can be set up on the same network companywide. You can also easily e-mail transcripts of calls, text messages, and voicemails to other people within your network.

Ideal for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and Freelance Workers

Basically, Google Voice search is an ideal online platform for anyone who happens to work remotely or internationally, or travels a lot for work. You can be readily available 24/7 to your customers, employees, and colleagues or you can limit their access to you based on your own personal preferences and work habits. Either way, this program makes it easy for you to have greater control and remote access to your business in a way that suits your needs.

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