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How Google Posts Can Benefit Small Businesses

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Google Posts is a relatively new feature that the search engine mogul has added to its users’ Google My Business accounts. Correctly implementing this feature within your current and future SEO practices can help you further extend your customer outreach and elevate brand awareness throughout a wide range of scopes. You can easily share relevant content such as blog posts, videos, social media posts, articles, and all kinds of pertinent information that your followers and clients might be interested in. Continue reading to learn about how you can use Google Posts to benefit your business.

What Are Google Posts and How Are They Used?

Initially, the Google Posts feature was only used as a beta and therefore, it was made available to a select number of industries. Given its growing potential for successfully attracting more customers, however, Google decided to finally make it available across all of its Google My Business accounts. Although you’re by no means obligated to use, it there are plenty good reasons why you should. The main reason is that it can help increase your online customer outreach, interactions, and overall visibility. The more platforms you use to post and share content that’s relevant within your industry specifically content that’s directly related to your business the greater your chances are of getting noticed by qualified prospective clients.

What Are the Benefits of Using Google Posts?

You can use this function to advertise promotions and limited-time offers as well as alerting your followers of any upcoming online or in-person special events your company is hosting. Sharing news updates and product releases on a regular basis is a good way to guarantee consistently high rankings and greater online visibility across various search engines.
It also presents regular opportunities to keep updating your local Google listings so that you can gain more qualified leads through accurate search results, which is important when users are searching for specific products, services, or companies in their area.

How Google Posts Can Improve Your SEO

Google Posts can improve organic traffic to your web site and ascertain that more and more qualified leads are seeing the content you create or share through clickable links. Whether you’re using a blogging platform, a purchased web site domain, or social media outlets, you can easily reach the exact types of people who would be most interested and likely to buy what you’re selling. Converting leads is also a great asset, but it’s secondary compared to reeling in the ones that are already ready to bite.

How Numero Uno Web Solutions Can Help

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