Google Mobile Update: Act Now if You Haven’t!

Google Mobile Update: Act Now if You Haven’t!

Google Mobile UpdateWhenever the good folks at Google announce a new development, especially an algorithm, companies panic. That’s because they fear that changes will affect their web site traffic and lower their ranking.

However, this isn’t the right attitude to have, as the new Google mobile update released on April 21 is actually a great development. Taking advantage of it now is the best thing you could be doing for your online business. Here’s why:

1. It’s Timely

For all intents and purposes, m-commerce is the next big thing in marketing and e-business. Based on the sales of domestic products made via mobile devices in 2014, it was inevitable that Google would come up with this sort of algorithm. While it’s no secret that Google might have profit-based motives for this, it shows that the company is keeping current and working towards accommodating marketers across different media.

2. It’s Fair

With the amount of competition in the electronic sales and marketing businesses, regulations are necessary to separate the serious businesses from the less reliable. The Google mobile update provides this fairness angle by allowing those that use good business practices to be rewarded while disregarding those that don’t optimize properly or are trying to make a quick buck from questionable m-commerce work.

3. It’s Thorough

Google, being Google, wants to see that everything for m-commerce done to market goods and services is done well. The new mobile update is very thorough and observes mobile-optimized web sites, inspecting them page-by-page to make sure the entire site is properly constructed and optimized and features working links, proper keyword placement, and the like. The new algorithm says that it wants to give clients the “best mobile experience,” and this sort of inspection keeps those high standards in place.

4. It’s Rewarding

If you start thinking that you have to work on your web site to make it more mobile-friendly or that you have to improve your mobile content, know that there is something to aspire to. If Google approves your mobile materials, they will reward you by giving you a top ranking through organic searches. You’ll see your content featured on Google more often, improving your visibility. While many cynics lament how Google has so much control over SEO and PPC practices, it’s undeniable that complying with Google’s standards is always a benefit to everyone involved.

5. It’s Testable

Afraid that your mobile material isn’t up to snuff? That your desktop-designed web site is only desktop-friendly and nothing else? No problem, just test it; using your tablet or smartphone, see how your site appears on it. If things don’t look proper, make the corrections and then submit it to Google Webmaster Tools for approval; they’ll let you know if it’s mobile-friendly and if you’ve done your job correctly. While it may seem that Google has too much control, they also have an interest in seeing those that work hard and follow the rules succeed. And if you can get Google to help you, why not seek their approval to make your m-commerce marketing material function properly? After all, it can only benefit you.

Change is always tough to undergo, but sometimes it’s necessary, especially when certain trends are altered and you have to stay competitive. The Google mobile update might seem like a stressful change, but it has benefits for those that adapt to the growing m-commerce world.