Golden Words: Unraveling the Secrets to Keywords

Golden Words: Unraveling the Secrets to Keywords

Unraveling the Secrets to KeywordsThe Secret Code

Whenever a new form of media becomes available, there are always critics not only declaring that the new type of media is silly, but also that it’s murdering some aspect of society. The birth of photography was going to kill painting and represent life in dull fashion. Television was supposed to rot our brains while making us illiterate. Google was out to destroy our concentration while making us more illiterate. You’ve probably heard these quips or variations of them.

But, doing a little research reveals something different. Photography didn’t kill painting so much as it became its own creative medium. Lots of early television episodes and dramas employed some of the best writers ever, and left words that are still studied today. And, if all those articles on Google you read every day are making you illiterate, then the problem might require a bit more analysis. The truth is that new media are just another form of human expression, and will likely only infuse our lives more. If we adapt to them respectfully, we can use them as an extension of our own practices and rituals.

Going back to the Google argument, one might be very surprised to know just how much of the Internet is founded on language. From meta data to content, the highly visual World Wide Web is actually a pretense for some serious language practice. For online business pros, the secret code is keywords. This is the language that will help make you successful online.

To the Letter

Understanding keywords is always a chore in itself, particularly if you aren’t accustomed to computer language or today’s Internet content semantics. Now, there’s no need to go get a lot of extra education on this, but the basics are worth knowing.

Keywords are the words that are popularly entered into search interfaces by clients seeking products. These keywords are then picked up by search engine crawlers; then, the most popular sites with those particular competitive keywords are listed. The goal of any online business pro is to incorporate those competitive keywords into their content so they can make it to the top of searches—it’s a common SEO technique.

What online business pros have to keep in mind is what sort of competitive keywords they need. Getting their keywords from a keyword program is necessary, and seeing which keywords are most competitive from that particular program and others. One big tip: don’t use single keywords. They simply aren’t competitive enough to give your material presence in searches. Use long-tail keywords or keyword phrases within the body of your data, as these will be picked up in search more. Keywords tend to function in couplets or groups, so it’s important for online business pros to look for the best possible groupings they can to use in their data.

Grammar Rules for Online Business Pros

Like any language system, there is syntax to keywords. Rules for how many keywords you use apply on the Internet. Refreshing your long-tail keywords and your content overall is important if you are going to maintain your competitive content edge online. More importantly, though, is abiding by online policies of keywords, namely avoiding the temptation of choking your content with keywords in order to get it to the top of online searches.

The results of keyword choking are two-fold. Firstly, your content won’t likely read that great with so many repeated words in it. Secondly, the folks at Internet policing sites like “Google Panda” will see what you’re up to and likely shut your content down, making it inactive on the Web for any searches. If online business is supposed to be competitive, the Google Panda team aims to keep it that way. In the end, it’s best to abide by their policies, and keep within the low percentage keyword content range—usually eight to fifteen percent—for your data. If you do, your material will always stay in the clear with online business policy and the content of your online material will stay at top quality. Your words will be gold, and generate some gold for your business later.

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