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Everything You Need to Know When You’re Rebranding Your Local Business

rebranding a local business

Rebranding a local business is one of the greatest challenges you’ll ever have to face as an advertiser, marketer, or entrepreneur so if you’re planning on doing it, you better have a good reason and a solid action plan in mind. There are plenty of excellent reasons why some businesses choose to rebrand themselves and believe it or not, it actually has to do with a lot more than simply changing up their image. Some brands like Nike do it as a show of solidarity for causes they believe in while others do it in attempt to repair a damaged reputation in the public eye. Whatever you’re reasons are for rebranding your business, incorporating local SEO strategies is an excellent place to start.

Reasons for Rebranding Your Business

The fact is that if you want your business to stand the test of time and remain successful, then you need to rebrand it from time to time. Whether that means undergoing a total overhaul and just completely scrapping every aspect of it or just the parts that aren’t serving their purpose as they should, this is a huge risk that requires a great deal of gusto and commitment. It can be a long and twisted ride, so be prepared for some initial setbacks or failures along the way. Regardless, these are risks you take when you start any business. The point is that you want your brand to remain relevant as trends and ideals change, which means you have to keep up with whatever is currently happening in the world around you and your industry in particular.

Review Your Business Model

Take a close look at your current business model and ask yourself whether or not it’s working for you to the best of its ability. If there are some aspects of it that need to be changed or updated, then implement these changes as soon as possible and then run beta tests to make sure that the improvements are worth keeping. Updating your business model also comes with a small amount of risk, especially if you already have a flock of loyal supporters who like your company exactly the way it is, so it’s important to keep them in mind any time you make any significant changes.

Conduct Research and Gain Customer Insight

One important aspect of testing out the effect that the rebranding is having on your local business is to understand how your customers feel about it. During the testing period, you can host focus groups and ask for honest feedback from both existing customers and prospective customers to give you both of their perspectives on some of the changes your company is implementing. The opinions of your long-time customers will most likely be distinctly different from those offered by your new customers whose only impression of your business stems from the rebrand. Nonetheless, any insight you gain from this experiment is highly valuable and can be used for further improvement.

Market the Changes You’re Making

Ultimately, the goal of any rebranding project should always be to attract the attention, respect, and trust of new customers without jeopardizing existing customers. To accomplish this, you need to be forthcoming with all of your customers and let them know that you’re planning to make big changes to your company protocol, products, or services ahead of time so that they don’t feel like they’re being blindsided. Use local SEO best practices to spread the word about your plans to rebrand your business to avoid confusion and prepare your existing customers.
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