5 Effective Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

Effective Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

Effective Local SEO StrategiesThere are some special considerations that need to be taken when using search engine optimization (SEO) for Toronto businesses. While there are many general SEO practices that are good for any business to use, there are also some techniques which are particularly important for targeting local customers. Local SEO strategies are important for small businesses. The majority of consumers use search engines for local searches. This is why SEO is crucial for businesses targeting a local customer base.

Here are five effective local SEO strategies to use for small businesses.

Perform a Site Audit

One of the most crucial steps for any business is to have a site audit performed. These can be done by an SEO company or professional. Errors, flaws, and other problematic issues will negatively affect your site’s search engine rankings and keep it from showing up in local searches. Before using any other SEO strategy, a site audit should be done to ensure there are no major issues with your site.

Clean Backlinks

Using backlinks is important for SEO, but many businesses do not use them properly. This is an issue because Google will penalize sites or content that has bad backlinks, including those that link to problematic domains. A penalization can send you way down on search engine rankings, which is highly problematic especially for smaller businesses. So, cleaning up backlinks on your site is necessary in order to maintain a high search engine ranking.

Create Great Content

Search engines have transitioned to valuing quality over quantity. While in the past, a surplus of poorly created content might have worked well for SEO, Google now prioritizes content that adds value to people’s lives. Fortunately, this gives small businesses an opportunity to create content that rivals that of larger companies and which can get them to the top of search engine rankings. Don’t focus on creating a lot of content but on making quality content that uses appropriate keywords.

Attract High-Quality Reviews

For local businesses, one of the first things consumers see is the Google My Business page, which often appears in Google’s sidebar during searches. This page also features reviews of your company, and these may be some of the first things consumers see when researching your business. Use your SEO to direct customers—satisfied customers in particular—to leave reviews for your business on Google.

Be Mobile-Friendly

Any good SEO company in Toronto will tell you that it’s crucial for your business to be mobile-friendly. Think about how many people have smartphones nowadays. According to statistics, mobile devices are actually used to access the Internet more frequently than desktop devices. In particular, local searches often are done quickly using smartphones or tablets. Ensure your web content is mobile-friendly, otherwise you will find yourself neglected by much of your customer base.

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