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Effective Content Marketing Strategies to Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Content Marketing During COVID

No one could have predicted the ongoing and tremendous impact of COVID-19 on the world at large. As governments, economies, and global citizens continue to adjust and try to skillfully navigate the parameters of the “new normal” we’re all forced to face, it’s important for businesses to embrace these changes and modify their content marketing strategies during the coronavirus accordingly. Certain industries and small businesses such as specialty shops, restaurants, cafes, real estate, travel, etc. have unfortunately suffered significant losses since the onset of the pandemic more than a year ago.
Fortunately, there are certain steps that business owners can take in the name of asset protection and continuing to enhance digital customer engagement while scaling their businesses in a new direction during this time.

Perform a Content Audit

If there’s one positive aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that it’s given many people time to reflect on the things that are most important in their lives. Taking the time to perform a thorough content audit and taking stock of the brand messaging and information that you’re putting out into the digital stratosphere is a great way to help you get in touch with your customer base on a more intuitive and intimate level.
Information is changing at the speed of light these days. As a result, companies need to keep up with the times in order to remain relevant by implementing thorough fact-checking at every turn. Content auditing allows you to review existing content on your website, social media platforms, and GMB listing to remove or update inaccurate information and present your customers with all of the latest developments in your industry and regarding the virus.

Adapt Your Content to the New Normal

Digital content should be flexible enough to change with the times. Any outdated content that can’t be modified or updated to reflect current circumstances serves no purpose for your website and is just taking up valuable bandwidth real estate.
Consider the fact that online users are also extremely savvy at performing their own research and quickly identifying false information, which could easily be used against your business at any point in time. Search engines and social media platforms like Facebook are cracking down hard on users and businesses that perpetuate false information regarding COVID-19, so it’s absolutely vital that you do your due diligence and only use reliable sources of information for all of your content.
Your content should be informative and accommodating to the evolving needs, sentimentalities, and perspectives of your customers.

Update Your Customers Regarding Your Business Operations

It seems like COVID-19 regulations and restrictions are changing almost on a daily basis to the extent that it can be difficult for many people to make heads or tails of what’s going on, which businesses are still open, and the extent of their operations. Some businesses have been forced to limit their operations by laying off a large portion of their staff or only offer curbside pickup, delivery, and takeout. Many businesses that have been deemed non-essential have been forced to halt their operations altogether.
Through all of these ongoing changes and lockdowns, it’s crucial to keep your customers sufficiently updated. Google My Business has features that allow you to change your operational status to include curbside pickup only, dine-in, delivery, and drive-through. Options with a green checkmark indicate that they’re currently available, whereas options with a red “x” indicate that they’re currently unavailable.
Taking it a step further, you can also mark your business as “temporarily closed” if you’ve been forced to halt your operations entirely for the time being.

Research Relevant and Timely Content Ideas

If your goal is to establish your brand as an industry-disrupting and leading trendsetter or authority figure, then you need to put a lot of time and effort into producing and cultivating strong informative, relevant, and timely content. Craft content that speaks directly to your existing target audience and new demographics that you hope to attract. As always, content should be well researched and relentlessly edited and revised for up-to-the-minute accuracy.
During these particularly challenging times, people need to be able to determine which sources are trustworthy and which ones aren’t. Be careful what you post and always double check your sources. The last thing you want is to tarnish your brand’s reputation and be penalized by various social media platforms and search engines for accidentally spreading misinformation.

Put Together a List of Reliable Resources for Your Customers

Displaying all of your sources of information and data throughout your website is a sure-fire way to establish your brand as a trustworthy authority figure. Now, more than ever, people truly value brand transparency and integrity. Do your best to avoid making false or unsubstantiated claims about particularly timely subject matter and provide your followers with the appropriate resources to continue doing their own research on topics related to your brand and COVID-19.

Create High-Quality Image and Video Content

Social media and constant exposure to online data has made visual learners out of most members of society. Studies show that approximately 20% of adults get most of their information from social media and that number is expected to continue to grow in the coming years as younger generations enter adulthood. Videos, memes, infographics, diagrams, charts, graphs, roadmaps, and mind maps are some of the most effective visual mediums that can be used to convey important information as quickly as possible.

Optimize Product and Service Pages

COVID-19 has positioned e-commerce at the forefront of modern-day consumerism. Hence, product and service pages are arguably the most important pieces of content on your website. They inform people about what your company offers by displaying product features, types of services, as well as special promotions. Optimizing your product and service pages will help increase your search engine visibility and drive more traffic to your website by highlighting the most popular aspects of your business that customers are currently looking for.
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