Cutting the Right Corners: Paying Less and Saving More for PPC

Cutting the Right Corners: Paying Less and Saving More for PPC

Paying Less and Saving More for PPCSpend a dime, make a dollar. Keep it tight and without waste. As these business adages imply, you are going to have to sink some money into what you are doing in order to generate more money, especially when it comes to advertising for your business. It’s not always a pleasant experience, but it’s part of the game. Very few businesses function without any investment on the part of their proprietors; and even in the day of online advertising and marketing, you have to be prepared to put some money into your day-to-day marketing activities.

But if you are going to put money into marketing, there’s no harm in knowing how to save some money, too. Cutting a few corners can be done in online marketing, especially in the world of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It’s just a matter of knowing where and how to cut back.

Get the Right Tool for the Job

If you are building cabinets, you need a lathe, a jigsaw, some sanders—all the necessary woodworking tools. Mechanics always need a tool chest, complete with socket sets and wrenches. Fundamentally, PPC advertising works on the same principle: PPC advertising needs its own tools to help online marketers and business pros do their jobs, while saving some much-needed coin in the long run. The most common tool you should use is the most up-to-date keyword software that you can find. Most old keyword programs only offer keyword searches and recommendations for keywords to use in your content. However, a new, fully integrated keyword tool can do a bit more; it can not only help you find the keywords you need for your content, but it can also make recommendations for ad groups in Google Adwords, create new or improved Google PPC ads, and get new information directly from Google or other search engines to make your PPC services more effective. As you can imagine, there are a lot of this sort of program out there, both established and not, so it pays to seek out the best one for your business that is also in your price range. You may have to spend a bit more to get a good program, but the return you’ll gain from its efficiency will help in the long run.

Spring Cleaning in Any Season

You might not have the money on hand to purchase a new PPC software program right away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t begin cutting corners on your PPC advertising. Close and constant monitoring of your PPC strategy can often do a lot to keep your PPC ads constantly in tune. Flushing out ineffective online ads and/or keywords helps, as does tightening your keywords from double- or triple-word phrases to more effective and lower-cost ad groups. For good or bad, you really have to approach PPC like an analyst. PPC’s effectiveness can be both long- and short-term, and PPC usually needs regular “cleaning” as part of its online maintenance. If you haven’t gotten into the habit of this, start. The habits of spring-cleaning can apply to PPC, just on a more continual basis; like with your garage or storage unit, a good, regular cleaning will keep your PPC services at the top of their game.

Keeping It Tight

The most successful business campaign is the tightest. Your campaigns, your keywords, the number of clicks you get from online searchers—all of this needs to be kept under supervision and closely managed if your campaign is going to deliver any long-term results. By cutting the right corners and using the right tools, you can save a lot of money, while bringing in even more from your hard work.

Mastering the world of PPC is a challenge to be sure, but when its dividends come in, you will pat yourself on the back for taking the initiative to cut the right corners, bringing you future success.

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