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Content Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Your ROI

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Digital marketers work hard to put out high-quality content designed to increase online brand visibility, search rankings, and conversion rates. These and a few other metrics such as bounce rates and the amount of time people spend on your webpages indicate the amount of meaningful interactions and consumer engagement your online content generates on a regular basis. In the past, all of these components needed to be managed manually. But that takes up a lot of time, equipment, and resources that most small businesses simply aren’t able to spare. Automating your content marketing strategies using the following techniques can help you increase your ROI and measure the improvements more accurately.

Analyze Content-Driven Traffic

Content creation is about so much more than simply writing blog posts, marketing materials, social media posts, and scripts for videos. Researching relevant industry-based topics and fact checking are arguably two of the most time-consuming aspects of content creation. The best way to determine what type of content you should be publishing on your website is by measuring the overall performance of the content on your website. Which webpages are generating the most traffic and why? How are people responding to your highest performing content pieces? Are the reactions generally negative or positive? These analytics paint a very clear picture of the exact type of content your target audience members hope and expect to see more of from your brand.

Optimize Content for Search Engines

Perform routine website and content audits to determine which webpages are drawing in more traffic, which ones need a little work or optimization, and which ones should be scrapped entirely. Manually auditing your website could take weeks and sometimes months depending on how much content you have. You can automate your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) process by investing in professional content marketing services that have the technology to quickly identify high and underperforming content pieces. Once you’ve identified the types of changes that need to be made, you can take the appropriate steps to implement them.

Prioritize Your Content Strategies

Figure out the most effective methods of directly reaching out to and engaging with your target audience. This will help drive more organic traffic to your website. Follow the numbers. Research shows that brands that actively engage with their end users through a solid social media optimization (SMO) strategy are more successful at establishing trust and brand loyalty.

Emphasize Audience Engagement

Encouraging audience members to enthusiastically engage with your brand is an effective form of online reputation management. The more you post on social media and ask for direct responses from your audience, the more willing they are to engage with your brand. This approach builds brand awareness, trust, and above all, it influences how online audiences view your brand. Ultimately, emphasizing audience engagement puts branded content creators in the driver’s seat of brand development.

Create Relevant and Consistent Content

The content you create should be timely and well-researched. Even types of content that aren’t necessarily research-heavy should still be accurate. Digital sleuths are all over the internet and the moment you put your foot in your mouth even just a little, they’ll be able to quickly detect your error and call you out on it immediately. To avoid landing yourself in hot water, it’s important to be extremely methodical and consistent with the type of content you publish on your website and social media platforms. Use content scheduling platforms to keep track of your latest posts, updates, and schedule new pieces of content to be automatically posted.

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