Cleaning House, Online Business Style

Cleaning House and Doing Chores, Online Business Style

WWW under construction building websiteThe Minute Things Go Wrong

When you’re working and you’re going strong, the sensation you get is elating. Your plans are falling into place, people are responding to your hard work, and the money is flowing in. It’s a great time of personal pride, and nothing, save the feeling of being loved by someone else, can really beat it.

Of course, that’s also when things can go wrong. You’ve probably already experienced any number of things in your professional life, so there’s no need to bring up the hurtful past. But, it’s worth noting if you are working in online business now. It’s not to remind yourself of the dark valleys that have existed for you professionally, but for you to be ready when those times start to rear their ugly heads. Or, preventing them from ever happening!

Housekeeping in Online Business

Like owning a house or a great car, you have to maintain your online business like a regular business. If not, it’ll fall to pieces. It’s not a difficult process, but it does require you to make a list of items that you are working with online, and check up on them to make sure they are performing properly. Everything, from your overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy right down to the little mechanisms of your Meta tags for your web pages, should be inspected to make sure clients, both regular and prospective, can link to you online without hitting a dead page or getting rerouted to another page. From there, you can also look at your on-page SEO material, such as your keywords and links, to make sure they are functioning correctly, and then move to your off-page SEO, where you’ve got links on other pages, to make sure they are up to snuff as well.

A quick tip: go over your SEO analytics. If you see dips in performance from the charts they produce, that’s a good indication that something is not functioning properly, and that you have to fix a web link, keyword, etc. And even if your analytics don’t look bad, check everything anyway. It can take some time, but it’s usually worth it.

From Doing Chores to a Bit of a Renovation

Online business is partly maintenance, but partly overhaul, too. Occasionally, like your house, you have to clean up or fix a whole entity altogether. This usually comes first in the form of your longtail keywords. Keywords can work great for a long time, but they expire or become less useful. In your spare time, you should be scouring keyword sources and programs for more competitive keywords, replacing them in your content with the old ones that don’t function so well, and/or rewriting your content to suit more competitive keywords so your material stays fresh online. Make sure they are still longtail keywords, too. The single keywords don’t usually work too well to drive online traffic.

Like it or not, online business content changes regularly. You have to update it and get rid of the old stuff that doesn’t work well. It’s just part of the online business routine. If your content requires a complete overhaul, you just have to do it. Keeping your online business working strong means keeping it repaired and doing it over as need be. If you can make time for these chores, you stand to make your business succeed over a long time in the digital realm. A clean, well-maintained online business is one that will function well over time.

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