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Why Choose Canada for Nearshore SEO Outsourcing?

Nearshore SEO Outsourcing

Many companies that want to outsource their software development will eventually consider whether onshore/nearshore SEO outsourcing or offshore outsourcing is the best option for them. Out of these two options, more companies are seeing the advantages of using nearshore outsourcing. Nearshore outsourcing is when work is sent out to companies or individuals who are close by, either within the same country or a nearby country. Instead of outsourcing work to distant countries or continents like Asia, nearshore outsourcing provides several benefits that far outweigh the alternative. Here’s what you need to know about the pros of nearshore outsourcing and why Canada is a great location to partner with specifically, our SEO team in Toronto.

Why Choose Nearshore Outsourcing?

For decades, companies have turned to workers in India, the Philippines, China, and other distant countries to take on SEO and customer service work. The biggest benefit of offshore outsourcing is that because of the currency exchange, hiring workers, even large numbers, is cheap. However, there are more advantages to implementing nearshore SEO outsourcing. If you want easy management, communication, worthy costs, and efficient operations, nearshore outsourcing is the option for you. Here are a few of the many advantages this option provides businesses and where you can find a team that can meet your needs.

Closer Proximity

Nearshore outsourcing is the closest option to home. In this scenario you are working with an organization located within your home country. The advantage of working with a partner close to home is that you’re getting a highly skilled and experienced Canadian team. Although you will have to make more room in your budget for this kind of outsourcing, the reward and quality work is worth it. Since nearshoring provides shorter travel times for onsite visits, there are cost savings to be had with this option.

Same Time Zone

Your business pairs with workers in similar time zones, which eases communication and makes operations more efficient and fast. Partnering companies located in the same time zone or nearest time zone increases the amount of time you can get quality communication throughout the workday. Even with a one-hour time difference, there are still seven hours of comfortable communication you can have with your developer. This allows you to answer any questions they may have regarding your projects.

Better Coordination and Communication

Nearshore outsourcing offers a variety of benefits that allow for better and regular communication and coordination during business hours. Instead of being constantly on-call to answer questions or deal with issues from an overseas team with a different time zone or work expectations, you can establish a better work-life balance with nearshoring. This option allows you to work with people who understand the way your business works, as they likely have more experience in the industry or may have worked for similar companies in the past. Nearshoring also improves coordination and communication as the work ethic standards are the same. Even if your business resides in the U.S., you will still have peace of mind and easy communication with a Canadian developer.

Similar Culture, Language, and Mindset

Culture can be a tricky subject and outsourced companies in India, for example, have successfully adapted to differences in customs and traditions in business. However, language and mindset can be challenging, thus why nearshoring is the better option. Cultural affinity makes for better communication, understanding, relationship, and like-mindedness. Nearshore outsourcing allows you to work with a developer from a Western culture and will be from a business climate that is professional, clear, and focused towards deadlines and goals. They will be better able to provide high levels of client satisfaction.

Ability for Frequent Visits

In times where managers may need to visit call centers or the work site of your employees, having a nearshore location is vital. Travelling to Asia can be expensive and time-consuming, so using a Canadian SEO company will make this process easier and more affordable. With nearshoring you can easily set an appointment and visit the office without breaking the bank.

Cost Reduction

The primary reason for outsourcing in the first place is to save on costs. Since the Canadian dollar is much lower than the American dollar, a little will go a long way if you outsource to north of the border. Many large American companies have seen tremendous cost savings by outsourcing to Canada, where there is essentially no difference in the quality and experience of the workers. It can be more beneficial in the long run to work with an outsourced team in Canada, considering the quality of work and adaptability, than outsourcing to a faraway country and dealing with time changes, miscommunications, and more frequent errors in operations.

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