Is Your Business Web Site Search Engine Friendly or Search Engine Optimized?

Is Your Business Web Site Search Engine Friendly or Search Engine Optimized?

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When creating a local business web site, it is easy to get confused between being search engine friendly (SEF) and search engine optimized (SEO).

For any web site, search engines are crucial for success. While social media is becoming important as a marketing avenue, most Internet users still use search engines to look up businesses, shop for products, and seek answers to their questions.

Making a web site search engine friendly and search engine optimized is important, but many people don’t realize that there are differences between these two things.

Difference between Search Engine Friendly and Search Engine Optimized

So, what’s the difference between these two similar-sounding terms? To put it more simply, search engine friendly refers to the construction and coding of a web site, ensuring that it will appear in search engines. On the other hand, search engine optimization is concerned with the content of a web site, including keywords and links, which help attract more traffic and increase search engine rankings.

Some of the key differences between the two include:

SEF Is the First Step to SEO

Before you can work on SEO, a web site needs to be search engine friendly. If a web site is search engine friendly, it means that is well-coded and well-constructed, allowing the site to appear in search engines and be easily accessible to users. Search engine friendly web sites can be easily indexed by Google. Once the web site is search engine friendly, search engine optimization can then be used to increase traffic, create sales, or increase search engine rankings.

SEF Is More about Current Search Engine Guidelines; SEO Is Ongoing

To create a search engine friendly web site, business owners and their coders have to follow well-established guidelines. The rules regarding what’s search engine friendly rarely change—they have more to do with creating a well-coded web site than responding to current trends or practices. SEO, on the other hand, needs to be done on an ongoing basis. SEO has more to do with marketing and dealing with the changing trends in business, search engines, and web advertising. Effective SEO is an ongoing process that needs to respond new trends, practices, and competition.

SEF Talks about Implementation; SEO is All about Results

When making a web site search engine friendly, that are specific things that need to be implemented. When it comes to SEF, there are guidelines and rules that must be followed. SEO is a little more open to creativity. With SEO, all that matters is results, especially those related to web traffic, sales, and search engine rankings. SEO is often a much more fluid process, and a variety of techniques can be used to achieve business goals.

SEF Is about Search Engine Algorithms; SEO Is about Search Engine Users

A search engine friendly web site is one that will appear in and be indexed by search engines. This means that when a web site is being made SEF, the bulk of the work is concerned with search engine algorithms and ensuring that they will highlight your web site. SEO is focused more on the users of search engines, particularly what they search for, what keywords they will use, and what copy will prompt them to click on your site. Think about SEF as the first step to appearing on search engines and SEO as the tool used to target the individual users.

An SEO Agency Can Help You Achieve Both of Your Local Business

When it comes to ensuring your site is search engine optimized, using a local SEO firm is the best way to get results. A local SEO agency knows the most effective ways to increase web traffic, boost sales, and create awareness for your business. SEO is an ongoing practice and needs to account for new trends, industry demographics, changes to search engines, and competing businesses. An experienced SEO agency can provide expert solutions that lead to direct results.

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