Benefits of Performing Competitive Analysis for Local SEO

Benefits of Performing Competitive Analysis for Local SEO

Competitive-Analysis-for-Local-SEOIf you run a business, you have likely performed a competitive analysis of other companies, but did you know that you can do the same for your local SEO? In fact, when you are creating an SEO strategy for your online marketing, competitive research can help you see what your competitors are doing and make your company stand out against theirs. Once you have developed your own SEO and social media strategy, performing competitive analyses can be the next step to success.

Advantages of Conducting Competitive Research

There are many benefits to using competitive research for your online marketing and SEO strategy. Local search is crowded, there are many businesses trying to get to the top of Google’s search engine rankings. This means that the more targeted approach that you use, the better you can stand out against the crowd. Collecting data from your competitors, and combining it with your own knowledge, can give your business an edge.

By doing competitive research and looking at other businesses’ SEO strategies, you can gain key insights into your industry, field, and customers. By looking at the competitors with the best web presence, you can determine what methods they have used to succeed, as well as which approaches seem to work best with your customers.

How to do a Competitive Analysis for SEO

So now that you know the importance of competitive research, how do you go about implementing a competitive analysis for your business? There are some proven strategies that you can use when beginning your research.

Figure Out Who Your Real Competitors Are

To do a competitive analysis, you need to determine which competitors you should be targeting. Usually, five to 10 competitors should be used for your analysis. Some of these should be made up of industry-leading companies in your field, and you can use sites like to find some of the highest-traffic sites. However, for local searches, you also want to focus on businesses that will be competing directly with you in your region. You can find these competitors by searching for relevant keywords related to your business. Or, you can use a paid site like, which will determine who your major competitors are. SEO companies can also determine this for you.

Check Their Local Listings and Citations

Local citations are essential to boosting your search engine rankings. If competing businesses are high in Google’s search engine ranking, that means they have likely been using local citations effectively. Determine which websites they are using for their citations. Google’s algorithms are unknown, but there are certain sites they favour over others. Using these quality sites for your listings and citations will help improve your rankings.

Analyze Their Top Landing Pages

Next, you should perform a landing page analysis. Landing pages are the first thing customers see when they click on your website. A good landing page will draw users into the site, creating conversions. A bad landing page, on the other hand, will usually turn someone away within seconds. Look at their landing page, including content, headlines, design strategies, visuals (photos, multimedia), and links to see what strategies they use. Look for good SEO practice, such as appropriate use of their location and other relevant keywords.

Check Their Quality Back-Links

Performing a back-link analysis is also important, as this plays a major part in search engine rankings, as well as traffic to your site. Determine where your competitors’ traffic is coming from. Once you have determined which sites are involved in their backlinks, you will have a good list to target for your own backlinks.

Track Their Social Media Pages

Social media also plays a big role in online marketing success by driving traffic to a website, creating fan bases, and helping improve search engine rankings. Take a comprehensive look at which social media sites your competitors use. Determine which ones drive the most traffic and generate the most activity, as this can vary wildly depending on the industry and your customers. By following the lead of the most successful social media fan pages, you can devise your own effective social media strategy.

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