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What Are the Benefits of Using Video Testimonials for Small Business Digital Marketing?

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Customer satisfaction is a core component of virtually every business model in existence. No matter the size of the organization or the type of industry, every business has one common goal: to generate happy customers. After all, they’re your greatest asset. Video testimonials for small businesses featuring your best customers are a great way to indicate to your prospects why they should support your business. Hearing high praises straight from the horse’s mouth is a powerful and effective digital advertising tool that’s guaranteed to capture their attention.
Video customer testimonials add a strong visual component to your marketing efforts that can effectively attract more prospects while simultaneously earning the respect of your existing customers for choosing to include them in your digital campaigns.

What Are Video Testimonials?

Video testimonials for small businesses are a useful digital marketing tool featuring past or current customers praising your products, services, or company as a whole. In these videos, customers have the opportunity to explain the positive impact that a business has had on their lives and how they were able to solve a certain problem using that organization’s products or services.
Typically, they start off by explaining the nature of the problem that needed to be solved, who they are, and how they came across the company. Next, they usually explain which product of service they purchased and how it helped them solve the problem at hand. If a specific representative or salesperson was involved in the transaction, then it helps to mention them by name as well to give that person credit for their hard work.

Why Are Video Testimonials Important in Digital Marketing?

Simply put, video testimonials are the modern form of word-of-mouth advertising. The main difference is that they’re featured on your company’s website. Prospective customers need reassurance when it comes to supporting a brand they’ve never heard of before. Listening to someone else talk about your brand, products, and services can help enlighten them about what your company does. It’s the same as asking someone you trust for a product or service recommendation.
That’s why more and more digital marketing services are recommending adding real customer video testimonials to websites for small businesses. The more dynamic content you feature on your website, the more you can improve your SEO strategies and search engine rankings.
Video testimonials are so much more than simply having someone talk about your products and services. There’s plenty of room for creativity. You can include:

  • Animated components
  • Background music
  • Product demonstrations
  • Instructions/How-to segments
  • Interviews
  • Endorsements from famous people or celebrities

What Are the Benefits of Adding Video Testimonials to Your Website?

 Video testimonials for small businesses help you create a more dynamic and robust SEO strategy that not only increases website traffic, but also boosts your conversion rates. Once customers get to your website, they can get a visual representation of why and how they should support your brand. Including a general video testimonial on your homepage and more specific ones on each landing page can help boost interest in your brand in the following ways.

Video Testimonials Are Visually Appealing

Video testimonials are far more effective than text at capturing and keeping people’s attention. Textual content works great for SEO because it provides opportunities to include keywords and influence your rankability. However, text is also easily overlooked when people are navigating or scrolling through your website in search of specific content. Videos, on the other hand, are a lot harder to ignore because they have a certain visual appeal that text lacks, especially when they start playing automatically.

Video Testimonials Show a Human Side

Associating a face and voice with your brand makes it easier for people to connect with your organization. Anyone can write a generic textual testimonial, attach a name to it, and put it on their website. But video testimonials require real people and excellent production value to make an impact on visitors. It helps even more if you can get an influential person in your industry or in general to endorse your brand. Celebrity endorsements aren’t a new concept by any means, but they can certainly help take your advertising to new heights.
Even if it’s not a famous person, visitors need to associate a face with your brand image to give it a more human characteristic. When they see real people vouching for your brand, it makes them feel more like they can trust you.

Customer Video Testimonials Add Credibility and Trust

Video testimonials featuring regular every day people are also a great way to increase credibility and trust in your brand. Some companies feature videos of their CEOs talking about how their products and services can improve the lives of their customers and solve certain problems. These types of videos are beneficial in the sense that they add more dynamic content to your website while also introducing customers to the people whose businesses they’re supporting. But they also feature a certain amount of bias. Of course, the CEO of a company is going to sing the praises of their own business.
To give your brand more credibility, it’s far more impactful to showcase real customer testimonials preferably from people who aren’t paid to present your brand in a positive light. These types of video testimonials should offer real-life accounts of how your customers have benefited and can continue to benefit from your products and services.

Video Testimonials Boost Customer Engagement

Offering customers incentives to participate in video testimonials where they’ll be allowed to give honest feedback for your website is the ultimate way to boost engagement. Customers will feel honoured that you asked them to speak on behalf of your brand. Seeing real people who have no stakes in your company represent your brand also encourages other customers to engage more actively with your brand by making purchases, making email or phone inquiries, or sharing your content on social media for others to see.

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