Avoid These Mistakes That Are Costing You Money and Not Generating Traffic

Avoid These Mistakes That Are Costing You Money and Not Generating Traffic

Avoid-SEO-mistakes-that-cost-you-money-and-low-search-engine-rankingsWhen you use the right SEO strategy, you can grow your business, increase revenue, and attract more customers. Of course, when you use a poor strategy or make SEO mistakes, the opposite is true: you can cost your business money and fail to attract customers. When you are working on your business’s online content marketing, there are specific techniques you should use to increase search engine rankings and attract customers.

Here are the top four SEO mistakes that companies make with their online strategy.

Use of Irrelevant Keywords

In the past, keywords were more important for Google’s search engine rankings. This led companies to use “keyword stuffing,” which is where they load their content with many keywords, sometimes to the point that the content becomes clunky or unreadable. Keyword stuffing used to be an effective method for increasing search engine rankings, but now Google has changed their algorithms to prioritize quality content. This means that low-quality content loaded with keywords is penalized by Google, while content people want to read is prioritized. Keywords are still important, but high-quality content is necessary.

Link Manipulation Techniques

Links are important for search engine rankings, which leads some web sites to use dodgy techniques for link building. These are called “link manipulation,” and can include buying links, hiding links in texts or images, and using an excessive amount of links. If Google determines that you are using link manipulation techniques, your web site will be severely penalized. This could be a devastating blow to your web site and search engine rankings.

Using Low Quality Content

High-quality content is one of the key metrics that is used to determine your search engine rankings. Google prioritizes content that users are searching for or want to read; low-quality content that has no value for internet users is penalized. Some web sites will use machine-generated content, which Google can easily detect. Other web sites will use poorly written content that is quickly dismissed by users. Both of these types of low-quality content will end up harming your online strategy.

Not Using Analytics Properly to Analyze Your Site

There are variety of SEO analytic tools that can help you determine important metrics, such as your conversion rate or how long the average internet user stays on your web site. Having high traffic is good, but if you aren’t converting these people into paying customers, then you’re not growing your business. Using analytic tools, you can refine your SEO and improve your results. Not using these SEO analytic tools is basically operating blindly. Many of these tools are available for free or for small fees, and SEO experts can help provide professional analysis as well.

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