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Why Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Are Assets to Your Business

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AMPs, short for Accelerated Mobile Pages, are a way of getting content to mobile devices much faster. They work better than the traditional method of getting content to mobile devices because they use a specific type of HTML, called an AMP HTML, to make the content’s presentation more basic. Users will see basic text and images, which will load up to 10 times faster than traditionally formatted content. Why are AMPs an asset to your business? Why should you implement them into your strategy? Here are some benefits you should know about.

Impact on Organic Search Results

Although AMPs do not factor into Google’s search algorithm, their speed still has a huge influence over the ranking of your web page. Many experts consider AMPs to be a major influencer in the future for the search engine’s mobile algorithm. According to Google’s AMP Project, about 70% of web pages load in 7-10 seconds, while AMPs take just one second. Every one second delay for a page to load reduces the conversion rate by 7%. The faster the page loads, the higher the conversion rate and engagement metrics will be.

Improved Mobile Experience & Search Engine Ranking

Google officially launched its AMPs in October 2015, and provided a number of favourable features that boosted mobile web rankings and engagement rates. Web marketers should be pushing their developers to start using the AMP framework for their content because it significantly improves the mobile experience. Web pages with AMPs load faster on mobile devices than ever before, and thanks to Google, you will benefit from higher rankings. The search engine giant demotes web sites which load slowly, and on average, 40% of users would not revisit an e-commerce site that takes too long to load. Instant loading is a huge factor that mobile users consider, because they expect information at their fingertips within seconds. AMPs make this more of a reality.

Increased Visibility for Publishers

As more traffic heads towards your AMPs, you will also see an increase in advertisement visibility. This leads businesses into positive growth through organic advertising. For example, increased mobile page load speeds will boost advertiser’s confidence in using online platforms like Google AdWords. These small improvements could continue to add up and increase the user experience, which ranks you higher on Google, which increases your visibility for publishers.

AMP Analytics

Tracking visitors’ behaviour and habits is extremely important for e-commerce businesses, as marketers base their strategies on these analytics. AMPs take this into account, allowing publishers to choose from two tags which can track visitor data such as counts, new vs. returning visitors, clicks and conversions, video and link tracking, and much more.

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