5 Ways to Get Featured in Google Search Using Rich Snippets

5 Ways to Get Featured in Google Search Using Rich Snippets

rich-snippetsOne overlooked way to benefit from Google search results is by using rich snippets. When someone performs an online search, particularly when they enter a question, Google often displays a direct answer to their question in a box at the top of the page. These answers are actually rich snippets, taken from web sites, and feature a link back to the site they’re taken from. Google provides these clear, concise answers to help users, often allowing them to not even look through other search results.

By using rich snippets, companies can take advantage of Google’s feature and receive more web traffic.

Growing Importance of Featured Snippets in Google Search

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), rich snippets are often seen as an annoyance or downright threat.

Since Google’s rich answers occupy the top spot in search engine results, they’re using up prime SEO real estate that could benefit your business or web site. Furthermore, rich answers aim to give users the information they are looking for in a concise, direct answer at the top of the page. This means that users are less likely to search through other web pages or search engine results.
However, like them or not, rich answers are becoming more common. Every year, Google’s use of rich answers has risen. In fact, Google displays rich answers for around one-third of all searches. With Google’s commitment to rich answers, they can pay off for companies that develop rich snippets that can link back to their sites. If you can get a rich snippet to appear in Google’s searches, your info and link will be the first result that many Google users see.

Types of Featured Snippets in Google Search Results

If you want to improve your Google rankings using featured snippets, here are some types of content that you can focus on for the best results.

  • How-To Recipes:

    These snippets include a photo of the meal and the time it takes to make the recipe, along with user ratings and nutritional information. When people search for a relevant recipe, your “how to” can pop up as a rich answer.

  • Products:

    Product rich answers appear when people search for a specific product or a type of product. They include an image of the product, the price, and the product’s status (in stock, out of stock, etc.).

  • Reviews and Ratings:

    This type of rich snippet often appears in combination with the product rich snippets. It shows user ratings, reviews, and testimonials.

  • Lists:

    When people search for a list of items, Google may provide a rich answer list. Using lists as rich snippets can be a great way to appear in a variety of searches.

  • Events:

    These featured snippets include the time, date, and location of an upcoming event. These rich snippets are particularly effective for events that are coming up shortly, although they won’t provide long-term results.

How to Use Rich Snippets

To take advantage of featured rich snippets, you have to use microdata, microformats, or the RDFA format on your web site. As well, there are a variety of web tools, such as Google’s rich snippets testing tool, to help you determine how well Google can see your rich data.

A tool like Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper can help you use these formats if you’re unfamiliar with them. As well, an SEO expert or company can help you optimize your rich snippets.

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