5 Things that Will Damage Your SEO

5 Things that Will Damage Your SEO

5 Things that Will Damage Your SEOWhen it comes to online business SEO, there aren’t just “do’s” and “don’ts”—there are also “absolutely not’s.” Here are five things you should be certain to never do for the sake of your SEO:

1.  Use Content That Isn’t Yours

Online businesses that copy the content of others and use it as part of their own on-page SEO aren’t making things easier; they’re only hurting themselves. This behaviour is stealing and doomed to fail.

2.  Be a Copycat

You may accidentally use pages of copied or duplicate content; if Google Panda notices this mistake, it can result in your materials being shut down. This also applies to recycling your own content without any changes, which is simply lazy.

3.  Use Excess Keywords

Overloading content with competitive keywords or long-tail keywords can hurt your SEO severely. Proper on-page techniques will still incorporate keywords, but in moderation; otherwise, not only will your SEO be less efficient, but it will also read poorly.

4.  Post Broken Links

Hyperlinks are an important part of your on-page SEO, meaning those that redirect or don’t work at all can do significant damage. Check your meta data to ensure all links work properly in addition to removing links that aren’t necessary.

5.  Upset Google

Before putting your material online, read over Google’s rules and guidelines and familiarize yourself with Google Panda. If you do, you’ll know which rules need to be adhered to above all others.

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